Propane Burner for 300 gallon oil drum build

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by dhoskins, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Hi all, I'm working on a 300 gallon kero tank build. The tank is 10 gauge steel, about 5' in length, and 3' in diameter (mounted on a trailer of course). It is partitioned in the middle by a piece of 12 gauge sheet metal, effectively creating 2 cooking chambers. It will be indirect grilling, as the fire in the bottom will be seperated from the cooking racks by a water pan. My question is about propane fired burners. I'm looking at using a BG10 in each side, probably with a 20 or 30 psi regulator. The burner is not long enough to reach the center of each it possible to cut the burner inlet, and weld in a section of pipe to increase the length of the burner? Has anyone done this? Would it affect the operation of the burners?
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    First off Welcome to SMF............  I have seen it done but only on the internet. Those burners are cast iron so you will need the right weld process for steel to cast iron. May I suggest a pipe burner. If you do a search for pipe burner build instructions I posted step by step instructions on a welding site on how to build one at litte cost......

    I need to do another instruction here for SMF.

    Good luck an dont forget some pics of your build

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    Thanks for the info. Pipe burner looks simple enough. What kind of BTU could I get out of one of those? My only concern would be if the heat would be sufficient for the size of grill. What psi pressure regulator should I use?

  4. Are you talking about something like this?


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    Hey DH, welcome to SMF!

    Joe (boykjo) is being modest, I'm pretty certain the smoker in his avatar has a pipe burner in it, anyway here's the link he is talking about, kinda got stepped on and hijacked at the end, ...but he has the proof that it works:

    If you have any questions I'm sure Joe would be happy to help ya, we're like that here at SMF.  [​IMG]

    Also we love pics, so don't forget to take some of your build and then the Q-view.

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    I sent you a pm


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