Problem with new maverick et-73 thermometer

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Dec 26, 2010
Lake Isabella, Ca.
Just recieved new thermometer and tried it out. The problem is the range is terrible maybe 15 feet. Forget it if your inside trying to chek smoker. Anyone had this problem or is mine a defect?
I believe that is one of the reasons they came out with the new ET-732 model was the fact that the ET-73 was having limited range...
Mine use to be great range but then all of a sudden the range stinks. I can't even get it to sync up at  20ft direct line of sight. My other ET-73 works pretty good but you just never know. If you just got it I would send it back and get the new ET-732 which has improved range and mine seems to work awesome so far. 
It's a fairly common issue with the 73.

Mine sucks. I leave it on the table near the door next to the smoker

The temp part works good,but no distance..

I will have to hear really good things for a while before getting the new model.

 Have a great day!

yeah my et-73 works good outside...but no way indoors.the new et-732 works amazing i can put it in my garage when smoking,close all the doors ,walk to the house go inside,and go to every room in the house and close the door and NEVER lose signal.even the basement!! If it is brand new see if you can return it and get the new et-732 then you can watch tv and your smoker temp at the same time!!!
Thanks, I'm starting to see a pattern here I suppose i'll try returning it but I hate to buy from a company when there previous product failed to meet expentations or advertised abilities!!
I too ordered the new Maverick from Todd along with a new 73 (figured I could do the mods on the 73 like my older one I had) or atleast have a 2nd thermo and a spare set of probes.  Havent tried either one yet, but no too worried.  
My new ET-732 has great range. I am going to try and do the mod's on my #1 ET-73 and see if I can gain the range back that I once had. If I end up breaking it I will have spare probes for my #2 ET-73. I have heard that the probes for the ET-73 will work on the ET-732 but I have not verified that yet.
I have had no issues with my older unit but am looking forward to my new 732
You can add an antenna to both the receiver and transmitter of the ET-73.  I bought the parts for a couple bucks at a RC Store, but the New ET-732 came out and and lost interest in the mod.  I sent my parts to jjwdiver so he could convert his ET-732.

I sell both the ET-73's & ET-732's.  The ET-73 is good, but the ET-732 is AWESOME.  Maverick took all the shortcomings of the ET-73 and incorporated the improvements into the New ET-732.

Better Range


High/Low Temp Alarms

High Temp Probes

Out-Of Range Alarm!!!

If the ET-73 loses it's signal, it can display an old reading, and not receive the updated temp.  Your smoker or food temp could change, and the receiver may not display the updated reading.  The NEW ET-732 will flash and sound an alarm if the signal is lost or out of range.

Lots of guys till using the ET-73 with great success!!

I've sold over 150 of the new ET-732's and only had one issue.  Turns out the ends of the probe were not pushed in all the way, so I chalk that up to "Operator Error"

If you order on my site, don't forget the coupon code for "Free Shipping" = ET732SHIP

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