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Discussion in 'Beef' started by peavley, May 5, 2011.

  1. peavley

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    OK after all of the posts about smoking a rib roast, I got the itch to do one.  Albertson's  was having a grand opening near the house and whole choice ribeyes were on sale for $3.99 per pound.  I picked a few up...thinking of doing two 5 pounders or so for mother's day this weekend.  I have a few many people does one 5.5 pound roast feed?  I am having 8 adults and 8 kids over for dinner.  We are planning to do sides (mashed taters, salad) and desert also.  I was thinking I may need to do two 5 pound roasts.  If I decide to do two five pound roasts will it take approximately the same time as what yall have been posting (about 4 hours or so)?

    Any advice will be appreciated. 
  2. bearcarver

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    I would say it depends on how big the kids are, and how big the adult appetites are, but it definitely won't be one 5 pounder.

    I would think 2 fives should do it.

    I never did two 5 pounders, but my guess would be maybe only another half hour longer for two than for one.

  3. Will it be the only meat you are serving? A 5.5 pounder should feed about a dozen people. Remember that some kids would prefer a hot dog than a slice of red beef. Hard to believe I know but I have experienced this when roasting one every New Years. 2-5.5s should be enough and you should have leftovers to cook with some eggs the next day.
  4. scarbelly

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    How many it serves is going to depend on how YOU slice it. Most of the time a single slice is 6-8 oz per person (most restaurants serve 8oz petite 12 oz regular 16 oz King cut) or if you are doing thin slices you are looking at 2- 4 oz per slice again depending on how you slice it. Most dont like the thin sliced version. I would cook both of the roasts and use the leftovers for great sandwiches. Eat some and freeze some.  Good luck and have fun
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  5. smokinal

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    If your guests are like mine they want a thick cut of roast beef. The kids probably won't eat that much. I think the 2 - 5 pounders should be plenty. 
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  6. chef willie

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    All good advice above....I always figure a 16 ounce cut for the guys and 6-8 ounce for the girls unless they're wrestlers or something
  7. bearcarver

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    Thanks Willie!----Ice tea came out my nose on that one !!!!!

  8. rbranstner

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    For that price I hope you filled the freezer up!!!!!!
  9. alaskanbear

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    Did a 9.4 cut into two pieces--three hours and some resting time did well for a juicy, tender, rare roast.  Was great and I got 12 HEALTHY slices of prime from it.  I like rare  or better yet--"wounded and headed my way" with my beef. Personal prefferences may dictate an hour or so more time for those not liking the vampire cut. LOL

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