Possible offset build.

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Apr 8, 2015
Hello all. Recently i've come across a propane tank i'd like to convert into a trailer rig this winter its a 330 gallon. Here's a pic

I'm not sure wether or not to go reverse flow or traditional as of yet. Really boils down to which design is less costly overall. Steel isnt cheap around my way. I've been watching arron franklin's videos and it seems he uses raditional offsets with no tuning plates or even air intakes for that matter (he uses the firebox door). So it is possible to make good q without any of that, i'm trying to keep this process as inexpensive as possible within reason. I like his thought process of it's all about draft and getting as much air through the smoker as possible. What say you guys?

I'd like to build this in the same way as this one here, where he drops the end for the firebox (saves money) I've yet to do all my research as to firebox size (roughly 1/3 of the cook chamber?), firebox opening etc. i'll do that when i have the tank and can measure it and everything.

Am i on the right track here? This tank seems to be rather long and skinny, will that present a problem? Any inherent problems with mounting the firebox like that? I see alot of guys kind of "tuck" it up under the main chamber, but this way seems far more straight forward as im dealing with two flat surfaces.

Thanks for any help,
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