Pork Shoulder.......bone in needed?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by skyclad, Aug 1, 2014.

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    Hello to all Smokers!!

    Got a quick question for you guys regarding the beloved smoked and pulled pork..  I've been eyeing some pork shoulders out at Sam's Club and they all look great..........but I do not detect any bone in them..  This might not be an issue, but every recipe I've seen talking about how to smoke a "pork butt" talks about being able to pull the bone out with ease when it's done..  What if it doesn't have a bone in it, and is this absolutely essential for good pulled pork?  Please let me know..  Thanks in advance for all info you guys might have...!

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    The bone will add flavour to the meat. But I would not let that stop you from smoking one of those boned picnic butts you've been eying at Sam's club :)

    Just make sure that it is nice and round and use some butcher twine if you need to so that it cooks nice and even. Believe me, it will still turn out amazing without the bone, but around here the bone is always preferable.

    Hope this helps. Cheers!
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    Sometimes the bone is hard to spot being buried in there. Best to read the label if in doubt.....boneless will be more expensive. Nothing wrong with doing b/l butts, just different. Many will truss with butchers twine to help the butt maintain the shape you're used to. Obviously, it will cook slightly faster with no bone. I'm sure if you use the search bar for 'boneless butts' a few threads will pop up with tips and pics as I do remember seeing some myself in the past. If you get the pig up to the recommended 200-205 IT for pulling and add the juice back in and some finishing sauce you'll be in for a treat regardless of bone in or out......HTH, Willie

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