Pork loin Drippings au jus question...

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Nov 3, 2013
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Tomorrow for Easter I will be smoking a 5.5 lb. stuffed bone in pork loin. Probably going to smoke somewhere around 250. I am guessing it will take three hours or so to get it to 140. Need it around 5. I am going to start early anyways and foil and cooler it so timing won't be an issue. Here's my question;

When I have cooked this same kind of roast in the oven, I have cooked it over a pan with equal parts of white wine and chicken stock. This mixes with the drippings and makes a great sauce for the pork. Whenever I have tried to do this with other meats in the smoker the liquid almost always evaporates. Should I just add more liquid or fill the drip pan I with the wine and stock later in the cook?

I tried to make a lamb jus in the smoker the other day and all of the liquid evaporated. it was 3 cups of liquid plus some veg and herbs. Took about 3 hours around 230 and there was no liquid to be found. I want to avoid this happening again. Thanks!
Have you tried putting the meat in a foil pan when you smoke? I almost always do and I find the meat still gets plenty of smoke. And you get nice amount of drippings in the pan which you can defat , strain or reduce for a gravy or sauce. . I know the foil pan shields the bottom of the meat , but to me this does not detract in any way. A rack underneath will hold the meat up out of the liquid if you think that's a good thing. I have had pretty good luck smoking this way. Just a thought.
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I usually just put the meat on one rack and have the pan with the liquid right under it. But the liquid seems to evaporate a lot and I am left with no jus. So I was wondering if I should just double up on the liquid or put it in halfway through the cook
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