Pork loin curing question.

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Sep 25, 2009
roaming shores, ohio
Been curing loins for Canadian peameal bacon a number of times. They turn out good (taste wise) but I'm just not getting that dark pink color after curing. 

This time I tried a new recipe I found that  uses 2 TBS pink salt per gal of water.  as opposed to 1 TBS in the past. and still not getting the good color.

I injected the loin and it has been in the cure for 7 days so far.  @ 35-36 degrees.

Any suggestions??    Thanks

Here's a pic of the color I'm shootin for.

Try your latest recipe but brine for 12-14 days.  That picture is very pink possibly a little more red dye than just the dye in the cure#1?
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