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Pork butt

Discussion in 'Pork' started by muttly, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. muttly

    muttly Newbie

    Been smoking meats for many years on a side fire box setup. Got tired of babysitting a smoker so I bought a traeger. Love that thing does what I need makes it easier for a old man like me who seems to get lazier each year lol. Did my first pork butt on the traeger and loved it turned out perfect nice bark good smoke ring and juicy and tender.

  2. mcockrell

    mcockrell Fire Starter

    that looks delish!

    what temp did you take it to?

    did you inject?
  3. dave from mesa

    dave from mesa Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    Yum! Looks real good.
  4. I'm working with a newly acquired Oklahoma Joe smoker. I have done butts for years but yesterday I was not happy with my first on this smoker. I know it's a learning process but I wanted to ask, do you wrap in foil after smoking? The way I've done it is smoke for 4-5 hours and wrap with foil until finished. But this steams the meat and the bark and I don't like soft bark. Any suggestions?
  5. mcockrell

    mcockrell Fire Starter

    i don't foil mine until i pull it off the smoker for good. lots of people pull theirs around 160ish or whatever and foil until its 190 or so then pull. i don't. i smoke mine until about 195 then pull and wrap in foil and towels and put in a cooler for about an hour or more if i have time. my bark comes out great and its not overly smoked. its moist and tender and juicy every single time. so im not sure what benefit pulling that early and foiling provides. i do spritz mine every 15 minutes or so during the last hour with apple juice. the sugars provide some great caramelization and really good bark.
  6. muttly

    muttly Newbie

    I smoked at 225 to 250 until it was 195*. Foil I only put under the butt after smoking for a couple of hours to catch any juices I ran out of foil pans lol. I didn't inject. most of the time I don't. I rub it with mustard and then rub my rub on it then into the smoker it goes after sitting for a couple of hours or more in the fridge.

    Some times I do spritz with apple juice this time I did not. As you can see it is real juicy. 
  7. mcockrell

    mcockrell Fire Starter

    yeah that looks tasty indeed :)

    thanks for sharing!