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Dec 16, 2006
Wellman, Iowa
Not sure where to start here, but I bought a 6# pork butt and I have it curing with Buckboard Bacon. I have only smoked some peppers and a few fatties. So here are some questions for you veterans.

How long and at what temp do you smoke your pork butts when using Buckboard Bacon?
Do you wrap it in foil? If so for how long?
Do you add anything other then the sure?

I really want my wife to believe her gift of this smoker was a good idea by impressing her with this. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

You're losing me a little bit with the Bubkboard Bacon. You say they are "both" curing? If I might ask....Why are you "curing" a Butt? And give me your definition of "curing". A Butt should not be salt cured unless you want a butt that is extremely salty.

When we get past that, let us know what you wish to inquire about in regards to smoking it.

Buckboard Bacon needs to cure and then rinsed well in fresh water a couple of times. Smoke at 225 to 250 to a internal temp of 140 degrees.

No wrapping in foil and no need to rub before putting on the smoker.

The product is like canadian bacon when your done.

There has been a lot of activity during the summer in the Bacon forum about making Buckboard Bacon from pork butts. When completed the meat tastes like a very lean bacon when sliced thin and more like ham if sliced thick.

In case you haven't checked it out, here is an excellent link that gives pictorals of the entire process done by member UltraMag.


Hope this helps clear the confusion. :D
Finally.........someone clears the fog! Thanks!

There's no way for me to keep up with every post or topic on this Forum since it has grown so much. You normally do not hear Bacon and Butt used in the same context. Intersting.

cajunsmoker is correct. Buckboard Bacon, in the "Smoking Bacon" section has many posts and pics. :)
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