Pork Butt and Baby Backs on a Yoder 640

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  1. We had friends family and neighbors over yesterday and I did a bone in Boston butt, baby back ribs and a beef brisket. Started on Saturday night with the Yoder set a 270* with BBQ Delight Hickory pellets. I normally smoke with apple pellets but since I was doing the brisket at the same time I wanted hickory. 

    I rubbed the butt with TastyLicks BBQ Original rub after injecting with apple juice on Friday night. Put into the fridge until I put the butt on the smoker at 9pm on Saturday. Brisket want on at 10:30pm, that smoke is in the beef section. When the butt reached 165* I foiled and pulled at 201* around 6am Sunday morning. Wrapped in towels and placed in a cooler for about 3 hours, let it sit out until it reached 142* and then placed in the fridge. Company was due around 2:30pm so I pulled it an hour before in a pan, sauced with TastyLicks BBQ Secret Weapon sauce mixed 50/50 with apple juice and 1/4c of honey which thickens it up a bit. Covered with foil and put it back on the Yoder that was now at 195* to warm up. Tasted great and what was left over my daughter and her boyfriend took with the.

    Thanks for looking, Joe. 



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    Looks great to me ! Thumbs Up

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