Please recommend electric smoke with temp probe

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by jimbanville, Jun 14, 2014.

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    #1, is a meat probe essential? #2, can I spend less on a probe-less smoker and use a standalone probe? Such as running the wire through a small hole or along the door. Thanks!!!! Gonna be cooking pork shoulders, ribs, etc.
  2. I always use a else will you ensure you are at a safe or proper Internal Temp.  I have a probe that cost about $50 bucks.  Not a lot for the use I get out of it. 

    My smoker is probeless......I think most are (?)  I run mine through the top vent hole as to not damage my door seal. 

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    One of the best tools you can get as a cook is a good meat probe. And for almost any smoker the maverick et732 or 733 (hybrid probes) seems to be one of the top choices. Very accurate, alarms for temp low and high, remote readings, etc. Many electrics come without meat probes, and the ones that do tend to be off by quite a bit.
  4. I'll second these remarks!!!

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