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  1. We are having Thanksgiving at my Mothers house at noon Thursday. I have a seven pound bacon woven pork loin in the fridge(cut in half). I am going to smoke them. I also am going to smoke a turkey(13 lbs). I was going to smoke all together early Thursday morning but I'm thinking I need to smoke the turkey at a higher temp than the loin. I don't really want to get up at 2:00 am to do both so I was thinking of smoking the loin Wednesday afternoon and putting it in the fridge to be warmed Thanksgiving morning and smoking the turkey by itself that morning. I was concerned about the loin drying out if I cooked it a day before. Any thoughts or ideas? Sorry so long but I need advice and wanted to explain where I was. I have a MES 30". Thanks.
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    Am sure this is too late, but you could keep the loin from drying out by spritzing it with Apple juice or chicken stock, wrapping it in foil and then heating it up in a 350 degree over for about 30 mins.  Would be best to stick a temp probe in it and pull when the loin reaches 145 or so.

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