please avoid this

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Nov 13, 2014
Oakton, Virginia
About 5 weeks ago, I finished up smoking 20 pounds of belly.....and had to go into DC to teach a Masters class at John Hopkins university........what followed is something I hope none of you suffer.....

I have an MES 40 that I cut a hole in the garage door to put a vent pipe out.....this day I took off the end cap for some unknown reason (maybe because I'm old.....i really can't remember)

well I came home at about 2100 and walked into the pipe.....cut my head and brought me to my knees.....really bumped it...(I'm also 6'6" tall and spent 23 years on submarines and cracked my head a lot worse)

a step back....I also cam down with CM - chronic myelogenous leukemia about 3 months earlier and have been taking a drug - Gleevec....I started to encourage weakness  on my left side in my leg and arm......was floppy leg walking and had trouble getting out of my easy chair......these symptoms  can be attributed to over medication with Gleevic....I contacted my oncologist and got looked at in Ft. Belvior Hospital.......she recommended  that I see a neurologist....his initial evaluation with out either an MRI or cat Scan was that I had suffered a i go to walter reed medical center in dc and have the scan.....what they find is a huge subdural hematoma...i was admitted that day as the "head" head Doctor said that I my brain was offset by 8mm from the midline....not a good situation.....

Instead of drilling 2 holes and washing my brain clean, they cur a flap of skull and opened my head up (needed 72 staples to close it) also 6 hours of washing the 5 week old junk out of my head.

never experienced anything like this......AND ALL OVER SMOKING 20 lbs of bellied......who would have thought it
Bacon is wonderful...head feels like crap.....but I will not stop "smoking".........putt his out just as a "heads-up" on something as simple as bumping your head on a smoke pipe might bring.... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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