PitMaster Q3 1/2 chicken cook.

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    Uncovered my Pitmaster Q3 pellet smoker after a Monsoon spring in central Texas.  Fired it up and "Baked" an HEBs Pizza which turned out great. (Better than our convection oven.)  cooked it on High setting 500deg for 20 minutes. 

    Then did an HEBs 1/2 chicken with Salt Lick original dry rub. (Sounds like I shop at HEBs.)  I smoked it for 1 hr.  medium smoke setting ran 165 deg.  then ran it for 2 hrs. at 225.  It was still taking smoke but it was too slow for me so I cranked it up to 350 deg. for 1 hr. to an internal temp of 165 at the thigh.  I then set it to high for 30 min to crisp the skin.  It turned out super juicy and tasty.  No brine, just olive oil rub then Salt Lick dry rub right out of the bag then on to the pellet smoker.

    Picture was half way through the 225 deg. run.
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    great job looks awesome! I have been wanting to try a frozen pizza on my pellet grill for a bit

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