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  1. david bates

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    People PLEASE READ the instructions and do not change it.

    Only use Kingsford charcoal the Blue and white bag NO OTHERS!!!!!!

    The vent setting for under 2000 feet is closed all the way.

    There will be a very small slit open that is all you need.

    Fill the basket to just level. then count out 40 coals.

    Put those 40 coals in a chimney starter.

    Lite the starter and set a timer with alarm for 12 minutes NEVER go over 15 minutes.

    Depending on your elevation, will determine how long to let the chimney burn for.

    For me 12 minutes is the max time.

    For you guys that have used other smokers do not let the chimney burn till the coals ash over if so you just destroyed your meat that you are smoking.

    This is the minion method and calls for a slow build up for temp.

    When the chimney has reach 12 minutes pour that chimney coals on top of the unlit coals in the smoker.

    Add your meat close the lid and sit back.

    It is that simple.

    If you add wood to the smoker then only use dry wood and only a hand full.

    The wood burns hotter than the coals.
  2. worktogthr

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    With all due respect, this post has a lot of absolutes or must dos that are just not true.

    I have used Stubbs, lump of various brands, all with great success

    I have used less than 40 coals for a lower cooking temp

    I let my coals go for 15 minutes, sometimes longer if I lose track.

    I let it burn an additional 10 minutes with the lid off before I add the meat and close it up

    Sure, there are manufacture's instructions but that hardly means one can't get great results deviating from them. That's the best part of grilling and smoking... experimenting

  3. david bates

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    You are exactly right if you have lots of experience. I should have stated this to the newbies or for person's that have not used a PBC. I have read so many post stating their PBC runs too hot. Then when I read what they said they did the problems for the most part is they are not following the recommended instructions. They do not use the recommended charcoal or they did not adjust the vent and in most cases they lit the chimney too long. Once they learn how the PBC works then I say experiment play around with it and enjoy it. But you are right, all the things you said will work if the person has some experience. But I highly recommend they follow the directions to learn how the PBC works before experimenting. They maybe more happy with it instead of fighting it. Thanks for your input I think you give a lot of good advice.

  4. nathanjwtx

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    Mine arrived last night! Now to hope the rain stays away this weekend 😀
  5. daveomak

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    IMO, most of the PBC's problems arise when folks do not make them absolutely, perfectly air tight...   they can't cut down on the air supply to choke off the heat...
  6. nathanjwtx

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    Did a couple of racks of baby backs in my PBC on Sunday for its inaugural smoke. I followed the recipe on the website and sauced them which I don't usually do. The results were ok. Disappointed that the meat didn't fall off the bone but they tasted pretty good. They were in there for about 4hrs.

    Some observations:
    1. DON'T pick up the lid wearing silicon pit gloves. It slipped right out and now I have a slightly dented lid.
    2. The ash pan attachment seems like a must as I now have ash stuck to the inside of mine from where i dumped it out :/
    3. Think I'll avoid lighter fluid next time. To my mind it hadn't burnt off completely in 12 minutes and I could have sworn you could taste it.
  7. nathanjwtx

    nathanjwtx Fire Starter

    Has anyone tried wrapping brisket in butcher paper rather than foil? Whilst I haven't tried it yet (hopefully tomorrow) I'm dubious about wrapping in foil and broth.
  8. travisty

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    Ive had an eye on these for a while, but I just have a few questions about it:

    -Seems like they intentionally brand it more as a "cooker" rather than a smoker. Is this a substitution for a decent smoker, or is it just a separate tool?

    -Can you even do Pork butts, Briskets, or other big chunks of meat on this, or only things that can hang? I see the rack they also have, but that seems to close to the coals slow cook a butt?

    -It appears there is no real temp control on this, you just have to cook in the 265-285 range for everything, and just therm the meat till its done?

    -Can/ should you add chips to the coal tray if you want a more smoky flavor?

    -The promos all show only briquettes, could you use lump in this cooker?

    Sorry,. I know that is a lot of questions, but for $300, there are several other smokers that have had my eye for longer, so I just want to know if this is a legit smoker, or if its just a hybrid sort of thing...
  9. nathanjwtx

    nathanjwtx Fire Starter

    I hung my brisket and it turned out perfect. I think the design intent is predominantly hanging. Haven't tried pork butt yet although you've now put the idea in my head 😊

    The grill is actually higher than it looks and the chicken portions I put on it smoked without burning. I added wood chunks both times.

    IMO it is a smoker. I wouldn't fire this up to grill on. If it was already going I'd grill on it.

    Yep, no real temp control. And so far I'm dubious about the claimed cook times.

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  10. nathanjwtx

    nathanjwtx Fire Starter

    Has anyone had issues with meat falling from the hooks into the coals late in the cook? Latest is today's pork butt. Fortunately I found after just a few minutes

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  11. millerbuilds

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    I have not, when I do a Pork Butt or Brisket I use more than one hook and also, pull it an wrap it at the stall.

    Smoke ON!

    - Jason
  12. I personally have a Good One smoker but I recently bought both my sons-in-law Pit Barrels to get them going. That said, after watching all the videos on YouTube, I've begun to get the itch. There's nothing wrong with having two smokers, is there? :) Anyway, I have a question for the experienced Pit Barrel folks: We went over for dinner at my daughter's and her husband cooked pot roast on his Pit Barrel. While it generally was good, it did have a sooty taste to it. Does anyone know what he did wrong that would cause that?
  13. elsos

    elsos Fire Starter

    I've had a couple of times, the same issue. I think it's because there needs to be more time in the beginning to allow the bricketts to stop smoldering. Once the white smoke tames down, that's when I put on my meat. It can be a little nasty with that white smoke on things.
    Give it a shot, let us know!

    It sounds like the website method works well for starting the charcoal, but I seem to deviate, frequently.
    When I pour my lit coals on top of the basket of unlit, I keep the lid open for about ten to fifteen minutes or so until the white smoke subsides. I also open the vent fully (and keep it mostly open). I'm at 2000 feet elevation, and a dry desert.
    When doing a split chicken, hot and fast is my mantra; fully opened vent, lump charcoal and I'll crack the lid for five minutes or so a couple of times. I've even drilled a 1/4" hole opposite the vent, it can close with a magnet from a white board or the fridge.
    Chickens can be done, fall off the bone, in less than an hour. Still haven't perfected the crispy skin...always hoping tho.
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  14. Thank you very much for your suggestion. It confirms my suspicion that it was because of incomplete combustion. However, Pit Barrel is so exacting in their instructions, and my son-in-law tends to follow them precisely, that I wasn't sure if that would be the case. We are a mile high between Denver and Boulder and it looked to me like he had the air vent set correctly. I will find a graceful way to suggest he watch for the white smoke to subside before putting the meat on.
  15. elsos

    elsos Fire Starter

    It can take a little practice for sure. My first smoke was at Christmas, a boneless turkey breast and it was going to be great.
    I remember white smoke, and that bird absorbed a good amount of bitterness and funky chemical flavors. My in-laws didn't stick around too long though! ;)

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