Pig roast - need help with smoke

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Bobby Strange

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Dec 30, 2019
Good afternoon,

every year I do a pig roast…I rent this huge grill but it’s gas and I’ve never added any
Type of smoke…I’d like to change that this year…hog will be here at about 730 tonight and I plan on cooking the hog around 230 degrees…my question is what’s the best method of adding some applewood smoke to this gas grill? Any tips would be great…thanks!
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You can get a smoke box and some pellets from a hardware store and but its going to take a lot to get smoke flavor. If it were me I would get a charcoal chimney, some wood chunks and some charcoal. Light half a chimney of charcoal until red and then throw some apple chunks on the top. Get them good and cindery and throw them into the cooker.
Your going to need a lot of smoke for a whole hog

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