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Peppery Tucson Smoked Sausage ~ Easy sausage feasting while RVing

Led Freddie

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We've settled into a great little RV park in Tucson we've frequented for 5 years. Far Horizons is a smaller 55 plus park ideally located close to stores and more so, fine brew pubs.
My wife ventured out and smoked a brisket. The 8 hours of Hickory was a test of the tolerance levels of fellow villagers. Amazing flow of passers by with their nose in the air looking to find the source of the aroma. Mission accomplished, we didnt get kicked out and now its time to move onto smoking some easy made sausage.

PEPPERY TUCSON SMOKED SAUSAGE is my own take on a cranked up Mennonite sausage thats got more flavor and heat. Using large face blades will give you a real nice looking meat/ fat ratio.

3 pounds pork shoulder – ground course

1 tbs salt

2tbs pepper

1 tsp cure

1 1/2 tbs fennel

2 tbs garlic powder
2 tbs onion powder

1 tbs Chili flakes

2 tbs italian seasoning

1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

  • mix well rest overnight in fridge

Freeze for 2 hrs prior to stuffing.
stuff into 34-36mmm casings and link into 10-12" sections,allow links to air dry until dry to the touch, can be sped up by placing in front of a fan.

Hot smoking start at around 120F, and raise smoker temp by about 10 deg f every half hour until it reaches 170.
-Do not go above this temp or you may get fat rendering around the outside of the sausage.

Smoke until you get to internal temp of 155 F,

Allow to cool to 100F before moving to fridge. bloom in refrigerator overnight.


I like my little grinder/ stuffer because it doesnt take up much room and works like a charm. Its a great little travel companion and with the foot control I can pump out a batch quickly and cleanly.


A three pound batch will get used up quickly and thats okay with me.

The total smoke time was about 9 hours in our electric smoker.

Those 9 hours went pretty slow but well worth the wait.

The end result is a peppery smoked sausage with nice marbling and a nice cider vinegar zing. The fennel balances the pepper. I always grind all my seasoning ( except pepper flakes) in an old hand mill to mix the seasoning and fine grind the pepper and kosher salt. I add the pepper flakes during the mix to be sure they keep their shape and looks. I also keep my sausage lean so if you like more marbling, add some side fat. I used the largest faceplates I have to keep the meat/ fat nice and chunky.
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Looks great! Going to try and remember this for my next manic episode of lets make 20 pounds of sausage!

ab canuck

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Interesting recipe. I think I may have to try this. Like for me.


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Looks good. Love that you are doing that in an RV setting. My wife complains that I take up too much of our big kitchen when I get to makin' stuff. I can't imagine what she would say in your space.


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LF, Fine looking sausage, your neighbors will be visiting a lot for goodies ! :)


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Your sausage looks delicious!
That has to be a challenge, making sausage in an RV!

Led Freddie

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My grinder/stuffer is a gret travel companion. doesn't take up much room, the wife likes it and its quiet to operate.
I took a batch over to a pot luck music night and brought back an empty plate.
The biggest obstacle making it in the RV is organizing space for the operation and clean up. Doing everything in steps and working backwards uses the space the best.
Set up the machine, have the spices ready, have containers and fridge space ready, then pull out the meat, grind it , season it and fridge it up. Then clean up. fast and easy and no extra greasy finger prints for the wife to see.

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