Pellet Users NOT Stick or Charcoal

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dirty ole phil

Original poster
Jul 6, 2007
Mid. So. Calif in Desert
I am here, thanks for the Help. NOW Is there any of you folks doing your Smoking/BBQing using Pellets ?
I got a Trager a couple years and gave up on my others. I am in the process of giving my "New Brunsfel" and "Brinkman" to the American Legion for there Gatherings. I am getting a "Bunch of Stiff" from you guys. Thanks a Bunch.
Hey Phil!

BigAL has a pellet muncher too. You could look through his posts for info.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Desert Rat, the form of wood pellets I use is for a Smoke Pistol (smoke generator). I have had very good results, and lately I have started mixing woods such as mesquite and apple. I get good burn time and the pellets are easy to store. Very hard to find wood mixtures, that's why I mix my own. Hope this helps you. I'll be at the Tamale Festival in Indio again this year, maybe I'll run into you?
Hey DIRTY, I also pulled the Trigger on a Traeger. I love it. It's nice to blend the pellets. Fast Easy and no babysitting. Well, the G/F see's me with my Guinness by the old Traeger so I guess I got her fooled. I still got an old Smokey for my Carne Asada and a Propane BBQ for my steaks. But everything else goes in the Traeger. I use it every weekend almost
1) What have you got against steaks that you would subject them to propane and the methyl mercaptain that's in it?

2) BBQ is a style of cooking, not a piece of equipment. We that have spent years studying the art and working toward mastering it resent grills being referred to as BBQs. It's a bit like referring to a cheap paintbrush as artwork.

All that being said, you really ought to try your steaks seared over hardwood flame.
All that being said, you really ought to try your steaks seared over hardwood flame.

I agree, there's nothing like it. I get a lump coal fire going then put some wood chunks on it and lay a piece of spilt oak in the front and back. When the fire is going wenn put some split wood on it when they flame, on go the steaks. Works well in my CG Super Pro. Never used pellets so I can't comment on that.
WOW, did you wake up on the wrong side of the coals. Different strokes for different folks. That's a pretty tall soap box. Nice Flame though. OUCH!
If you can't take the heat from own'n a traeger, get off the porch.

You newbies gotta learn that there isn't a person on here that will "bash" you, your equip, or your food. Like oky said, it's all good.

Phil, I can answer ANY question you have........but the answers will usually be a bunch of "poo".

I sure like my pellet pooper now that I got the temp prob figured out. The new 225 dig temp is much better, imho.

As far as steak over wood flame or pellets...................why would anyone b!tch over how a steak was cooked? I don't care how you cook it, it's all good. Flame and pellet is good for steak, one is easier than the other..........................take a guess.

I've been smoke'n alot since last I was on here and have a bunch of thiings I'd like to add that I've soon as I have time/beer/memory of it.

Don't get your panties in a wad if someone "bashes" you, cause they aren't. The best Q is made by the cook, not the cooker.
Everything you said makes no sense. You must have read another thread because what statements you are refering to never have been said by anyone to me. The only remark was regarding me calling my Propane device a BBQ and cooking a steak on it instead of open coals. Thought it was pretty funny people make comments about the whole BBQ thing. Like the difference between grilling and BBQ'n. You have to excuse us SO-CAL Folks. Your reply was the funniest of all. It just reading comprehension I guess. It's all good. panties are fine
JavaJoe, I don't think that SmokyOky was bashing you or your equipment. The funny thing about forums is that no matter how hard you try, you can't hear the tone of the words being said. SmokyOky has been here some time and has helped countless people to perfect their "Q".

So the technical term for smoking is BBQ. The more south you get the more it means... so I wouldn't get all fluffed up if you make mention of a piece of equipment as a BBQ or BBQ grill or what ever, and someone tries to nudge you to the politically correct way of stating what you are doing.

SmokyOky's preference is to not subject a perfectly good piece of meat to chemicals, but to enhance them with the smokey wood flavor from hardwood coals.

So that said.. let's all skip back over to the cooler, pull the bunched up panties out, grab a beer and chill with some great food
If the food is good then who cares what is was cooked over or on? I use electricity to smoke and natural gas to grill. I'll take my methyl whateveryl with a side of fries and some honey mustard. Don't like it? So.

Do what pleases you and makes good food.
Hell SmokyOky I wouldnt waste my time arguing with this clown. I'm like you my smoking friend build a fire and lets smoke. Different strokes for different folks. I would team up with you and we will cook the way we want and I'm sure between the General and your new baby we can rock and roll.

Big Al just keep on doing your thing Bro.
OKay guys no harm intended sometimes it just looks worse than it is. This is a great bunch of folks that wouldn't intentionally "flame" someone with malice. I do believe it was meant as a joke not a slam - hope you didn't take it that way.

Now let's play nice ...
Java, man don't take me serious. I reread my post and it could come off "wrong", but I honestly joke 99% of the time. I meant no harm.

I'm used to guys bust'n my goodies about the pellet pooper, but as usual it is all in fun.

I haven't been on for a while and the new people don't know me well enough, my bad. Some time we'll meet in the chat room and you'll get to know me well enough.

I am glad to see more traegers on the forum.

I gotta get Marvin on chat and give him some hell. I haven't talked to that turd smoker for a long that why I've been in a better mood?

I'll catch up w/you guys/gals later.

Honestly, all in fun. Didn't mean to upset anyone.........although it was fun.

BTW, I quit wear'n panties in the summer. Easier to "breath", if you know what I mean.

And excuse us KS folks for our reading comprehension, we're not as good as CA people. (ok, that was 1%.......panty part incl.)
Now let's play nice ...
Gol dang it Debi, we was just about to see a food fight!! And you went and ruint it!! Shame, shame, everybody knows your name! haha, I remember, Roscoe P. Coltrane sayin that, and I never did get it? Yeh , I might could be a coupla bricks shy of a full load.
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