PC Virus - XP Security 2010, XP Defender Pro, and other names

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Win patrol was popping up every 5 minutes last night. I checked all my scanning programs and start up folders and couldn't find a trace of that file. I finally did a restore and it went away finally, we'll see.
I never said it was *easy*
, but there are proper ways to get them which is why I suggested that he go to Microsoft and search.

I'm glad to hear that a restore worked for you, Ron!


Personally, I think that there should be stronger legislation against people who write and spread malware, because it's just like walking up to someone on the street and punching them in the face. While it's difficult to track them down, it's not impossible, and they should be punished.

As a technician, some 60-70% of my business was from removing malware, so it's pretty obvious to me why this is being done.

Would we let a doctor get away with injecting his patients with a disease so they would have to come back for repeated treatments? This isn't just unethical, it's criminal.

MythMaster, I'm with you on this one. These virus' and malware makes me money on the side for gettin rid of them for people but they definetly need to raise the bars on punishment when they catch them.

I enjoy my Linux cause some times I run a trace and follow where it actually originated.
I use Malwarebytes Premium (paid, not Free) and since I have gotten that, it catches EVERYTHING! Very inexpensive computer insurance against all attacks!
I had the same problem, viruses are such pain in the neck, if I were you, I would install a cleaner after deleting your virus because it will remove all residual and unnecessary files from your computer. I advise you to check this article if you want to find the best computer optimizer for your system. There you can find different types of cleaners, so you won't be disappointed, some of them are free to download, so you won't spend your money on it.
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