Oysters, 1st time

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Feb 3, 2024
Portland, OR
We're lucky to live within an hour of the Pacific coast, and one of our local markets always has fresh in-the-shell oysters. My wife & I love the canned smoked oysters, so I decided to smoke some fresh ones on my Bronco. Shucking them isn't much fun, but these are some big beauties; I'll post more photos when they're finished.

I could eat my weight in lightly steamed fresh oysters in the shell. A saltine cracker, a little hot sauce, and maybe a squeeze of fresh lemon and I am in heaven. And by lightly, I mean VERY lightly. If they're popping open, then they're overcooked in my book so basically almost still raw...
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Nice! I love oysters but I dont think I can shuck them with my messed up hands. This the first winter I have not gotten them. I been eating smoked oysters for lunch thou.
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So here they are, 45 min. @ 225˚on cherrywood. I tried one, and for me, they need more time and less moisture; I want meat & smoke, not meat, smoke & moisture. I drained off any liquid from the shells, and put them back on the smoker; they're pretty, but not as smoky as I was hoping.
I'll follow up with more photos.
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As part of the Christmas x-change HalfSmoked HalfSmoked sent me some oyster salsa from Black Pearl. Bryce is chomping at the bit to get some oysters and try it out.
Your smoked oysters looks mighty good!

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I'm pleased with the way these turned out; they're just like the canned ones, but huge. A lot of work shucking them though; I might try a jar of shucked ones next time. I'd probably have to put them on a screen over the grate so they wouldn't fall through.
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I'm pleased with the way these turned out; they're just like the canned ones, but huge. A lot of work shucking them though; I might try a jar of shucked ones next time. I'd probably have to put them on a screen over the grate so they wouldn't fall through.
B, They look good and I would take a plate of them !
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Every once in awhile I head home via Highway 1 in Sonoma County and stop for a bag of 50 from Tomales Bay Oyster Company and bust out the shucking knife. Some of them raw on the half shell and some bbq'ed. Makes for a tasty party with lemons, hot sause and bbq sauce. Once the rains and run off stops I need to do that again.
I’ll prefer em raw but wont say “no” to smoked , those look good!👍
As other have said get a cut glove and a good shucking knife, takes a while to get the hang of it and some oysters are just lil sobs…
Looks good ... for everyone else. Oysters is just not my cup of tea.

For your smoking adventure, try tipping the shell about 30° so as it releases water it drains away.
Perhaps a secondary smoke source if you want it heavier?

Me too but cooked not raw.


I like to eat an uncooked oyster.
Nothing's slicker, nothing's moister.
Nothing's easier on your gorge
Or when the time comes, to dischorge.
But not to let it too long rest
Within your mouth is always best.
For if your mind dwells on an oyster. . .
Nothing's slicker. Nothing's moister.

prefer my oyster fried.
Then I'm sure my oyster's died.

--Roy Blount, Jr.​

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2 hrs at 225* is WAY, WAY, WAY, too long and hot for any shellfish.
I use an Amaz'in smoke maze and oak dust in a weber kettle for both heat and smoke.

Open all the vents, light the maze and place it where you'd normally put the charcoal. Oysters take the smoke VERY quickly, so I smoke them for 20 to 30 minutes MAX. If you want them a little firmer place them on a cookie cooling rack then pour an inch or two of boiling water into a tray, place the oysters above the boiling water then cover with foil until they firm up a touch.

To store them put them in a Ball Jar and cover the oysters with cottonseed oil.
They will keep in the refer for up to 10 days.

I have friends in the seafood bizz, I had to beg for this recipe for yrs till they gave it to me. I buy 100 to 500 med sized oysters a few times a yr, and what we don't eat either raw or BBQ'd with in 2 days we smoke the rest and give jars away as gifts. Furthermore, I have people asking for smoked oysters all the time, they go nuts over them. I could easily live off of seafood yr round, it's by far my favorite food group.

I saw the part that you like them DONE, when you wrote "meat", in that case instead of shucking them raw, place them round side down on the grate over some real oak wood coals/ oak wood burn'd down to glowing coals until they pop. Then with leather welding gloves, tear the flat part of the shell off, close down all the vent except leave the top vent open halfway for 5 to 10 minutes, and they will be firm with plenty of smoke and not overly smokey.

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Those look awesome! I've only had fresh oysters once. Everything else has been from a can.

My son and I like to dip them in a simple sauce I make with a small pat of butter, minced garlic clove, and a splash of soy sauce. Basically just nuke the garlic and the butter in the microwave just long enough to melt the butter. Then add enough soy sauce to dip oysters in and mix.

My 12 year old has been eating them like this ever since he could say oysters and dad sauce.
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