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  1. I know, I know, blasphemy but its all i got for now. Haven't got my smoker built yet since the move. 

    approximately a 1/2 lb pork loin. made a wet marinade for it while i cooked up fish n fries for lunch yesterday.

    here's the marinade, no amounts, just dumped till i liked the taste.

    silver swan soy sauce (filipino brand)
    sesame oil ((just a SMALL shot of it))
    Worcestershire sauce (small shot)
    hoisin sauce
    garlic powder
    some water to increase liquid and ease saltiness

    put it all into a quart pickle bottle, mixed completely, put loin in to soak for a few hours. once i was done with lunch (fish n fries), i pulled the loin, put on skewer and into the oven and turned on the rotisserie. ((for you stateside folks, the selection of counter top toaster ovens is amazing here. mine has a rotisserie in it, can cook with bottom element or the broiler element on top or both.)) also threw 4 potatoes into the bottom under the loin and let it all go for a few hours. once the loin was cooked, gave the taters another hour and they were perfect. loin went into the freezer for a few hours to firm up before going into the slicer.

    Here's the money shot!!!
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  2. c farmer

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    Looks great JC.

    Make some great sammies.
  3. thanks C. actually sammys were the plan but unfortunately iit didn't make it 1/2 way to the bread. it was eaten long before the sammiichs were ever made.
  4. oldschoolbbq

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    Hurry up and get it done , we can't be looking at Oven stuff.

    That does loo good though. [​IMG]
  5. Thanks, coming from someone of your stature on here, gives me the big head. gonna have to cut the door frame to get out later.

    PROMISE, if my honey doooo list wasn't as long as it is, my smoker would be done. finish 1/4 spiral staircase, get doors/window bars on garage, wire garage, wire outdoor kitchen, etc,etc,etc...... 
  6. oldschoolbbq

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    Thanks, JC. You'll get that list cut down in a bit and you can play again...

    Have fun and just widen the door...

    Later , Tater . . .
  7. OSBBQ, problem is, my garage door is already 8ft and i rub. haha can't go much bigger. 

    working on the list, got electricity to the garage today. only a hodge podge hook up but it gets me started in there for everything else. also tiled most of the counter top in wifes new outdoor kitchen. (((called a dirty kitchen here)))) 

    slowly but surely. will have tig welder hooked up soon. gotta get doors on  garage now so i can get all my stuff out of the house and make momma happy.
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    Looks good. I have had some oven pork loin that is amazing, but smoked is better.

    Good luck on getting that list smaller.

    I would love to have a Dirty Kitchen. I would just have to screen mine in, too many bugs during the summer here.
  9. jarjarcheif, I agree, smoked is almost always better. actually had a instance or 2 where it wasn't. but thats just my taste buds. everybody else was tickled. 

    on the dirty kitchen, skeeters and flys are the biggest irritation to me over here. wife hasnt mentioned screening it in but it might well be in the works and she just hasn't told me. over here if you can afford it, the counter top is made from concrete, even the cooking area where the fire and pot racks go is a elevated concrete shelf. build fire right on top of the shelf. thank God we got rid of the dadgum cooking contraption they had before. told wife it simply was UNACCEPTABLE. a WOODEN bench of whatever size is desired, 2-4inch tall sides to hold dirt in, fire goes right on top of the dirt. have not seen one of those contrations that didn't have burnt wood. kinda scary some of the stuff that goes on over here. 
  10. jarjarchef

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    I have heard of the fire tables, but never seen one before. I had a few people who worked for me from the Philippines, great people. I really miss the soups they made. Always full of flavor, but very simple and filling. They tried to convince me that they would just build a fire on their counter to cook with. I thought they were kidding.
  11. nope, no kidding at all, if its a wooden table, they put some dirt on it to insulate it. a cement counter, the fire goes right onto the counter. i'll try to get a few shots tomorrow of both. 

    ahhh, the soups. some are very good. some, not quite my cup of tea. sinigang (lemon grass based) is one of my favorites as long as they don't use too much salt. good stuff. 
  12. tropics

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    JC good luck with the building. Wife is making Lumpia right now Have a Happy T-Day
  13. ahh lumpia. food for the Gods. believe its on the menu for dinner. if it isn't, it will be. [​IMG]
  14. Hi Tropics - thanks for pointing me to this thread! Enjoy the Lumpia, and Happy T-Day to you too!

    Hey JC - that looks good, Great to see other based in the Philippines on this site. Enjoy building the smoker. What type of smoker are you building? Wish I had the skill (and tools) to build one myself!

  15. Well howdy neighbor (figuritively speaking)! i did custom fabrication as one of my hobbies (trailers, atv accessories, some 4x4's) in US before I relocated. Will be getting back into it once the garage is done. got some electricals today so I can begin getting it wired up. 

    In US we had a mes30. Really liked the ability to open the door and have access to everything on the shelves inside. So I'm going to build a upright soon. Probably going to go with propane power. the charcoal here is just so unreliable and unpredictable its beyond silly. With brownouts as they are, not going to go with electric. There is no shortage of good welder/fabricators in Philippines. Also no shortage of bad ones either. Being Manila based, should be pretty easy to get a good one. currentlyy using a charcoal grill with a amzps and pellets i brought from US when I moved.

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  16. Hi Louie,

    How exciting. Wish I could try and fabricate my own. I was thinking of trying to build a UDS but I wouldnt know how to tell if a drum is safe to cook with!

    Good luck with building the upright. Propane sounds like a good idea. Cheaper than electricity too! What wood are you planning to use when you smoke? Dried coconut husks?

    BTW i saw a second hand MES 30 for sale in HMR Paranaque. Pretty far from you.. but looks like HMR carries them.

  17. carlo,

    beats me on the drum safe to cook in. that'd probably be a good one to propose in the UDS section further down on the forum. Or draw up what you want built and find a good fabricator. 

    for now, i have close to 80lbs of hickory pellets and 40lbs or so of mesquite. that is our favorites. have a little apple and cherry but we seldom use it. that should last us a little while. after that, will probably have more shipped in inside a balakbayan box. I have no problem with coconut husks either. like em pretty good. 

    saw a used mes30 on ayosdito a while back but WOW, they were proud of it based on the price. plus with the whole family here instead of my wife n kids in US, i want a bigger smoker. plus we have 2 fast food eateries so a larger smoker is a good thing. 

    jarjarchief, here's a pic of the cooking tables we were talking about.

    This shot is the first table we had. been in use since april. In the background you can see our newer table. its only 2 months or so old. YES, that is a coffee/tea cup under the foot of the grill frame so it won't sink into the ash/dirt pile. [​IMG]


    Here's a quick shot from the outside looking in. laid the tile myself. Oh yeah, that's my partner in crime ((cooking, models, r/c toys, working/remodeling, she is my sidekick))  posing. 

  18. jarjarchef

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    Very cool! It's great to have sidekicks! They will remeber it for the rest of their life.
  19. Your telling me. Gonna have number 3 in a few weeks. 

    Heres a few shots of our *dirty* kitchen. Just got the lights wired up last nite. its a work in progress. in the middle of tiling the counter. haven't started on the back splash yet.

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    Awesome pics, love that slicer.

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