one cooking grate or two in a horizontal tank 19.75" ID?

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Aug 28, 2022
Kirkland, Washington
This is what I did on my last build where I was working with a 24" OD air tank. I had barely enough room for 2 levels of cooking grates:


This build is smaller. It's only 19 3/4" diameter inside (80 gallon tank). I just don't see how I can make two levels of cooking grates work in there. I'm trying to decide whether to use one level, and if so, should I place it midway up the tank (where it's widest) or a bit below where I can have toom for bigger food (turkeys? goat leg?).

Basically, I am leaning towards the opinion that to do 2 levels of cooking grate, you have to have at least a 24" diameter tank.

Please share your wisdom, thank you!



Sep 7, 2022
I am just finishing up a build with my smoker and I am trying to decide on that very same thing. Mine is also out of a tank that is just under 20" ID. I am trying to determine if there is enough room to make it worth it. I originally had plans to make a small "rib rack" at the top and the main grate at midway but after looking at how much room their will be, it doesn't seem worth it. I worry that if I give myself enough room for the top rack, I will hinder my bottom rack.
I may build a rack that I can just slide in if I want to cook a lot of ribs on. That's the only reason I can think of, as of now, that I would need the 2nd rack. That or maybe a side of smoked mac n cheese or something.

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