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    Maybe you don't have time to do a brisket in the smoker. Maybe your traveling one don't have a smoker but you have a grill at your disposal.
    There still is a way to get that smokey wood flavor and end up with a nice juicy brisket.
    Use a 10-12 lb whole brisket
    Put your rub on and wrap it in plastic. Put it in the fridge for up to 2 days.
    Use a couple foiled chip pks. or 2 or 3 chunks.
    Get your grill warmed up.
    Good half of a large chimney of briquetes or gas grill on high 15 minutes. Briquetes banked on one side of the grill with wood chips or chunks on for a few to get going.. foiled chips or chunks on main gas grill burner to get going.

    Shut down all but primary burner in gas grill.. keep it on medium your looking for temp of about 275 in the cool side where your meat is.
    Charcoal grill you want to have the lid vent on meat side.
    So heated up and wood smoking..
    Plop down your brisket on fat side up in the indirect heat position..
    Lid down 2 hours no looking.
    You can have an oven heating up at 300 before the 2 hours are up. Use middle rack position.
    Get a couple 4 foot long heavy duty foil pieces and make a big wide single piece out of those by folding their edges into a seam.. gold 3 times for a good seal.
    Take brisket off the grill and place it on the foil long way. Gold over the foil edges to get a no leak tight seal and stick it on a cookie sheet in the oven for 3 and a half hours.
    Looking for probe tender about 200 internal temp.
    Crack open the foil and let steam out. Rest the brisket a half hour..then onto a cutting board.
    You pour the juice into a fat separator to add into your sauce if you want.

    This was how we did brisket before anyone had a smoker. It's a way to reduce cooking times by almost half also. Winter brisket mode when it's hard to keep a smoker going..
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    Do you think 2 hours over indirect charcoal heat and whatever wood smoke source is being used (I like hickory wood chunks in my 22" Weber charcoal kettle grill) is enough to induce good smoke flavor into a large brisket flat? I've smoked quite a few briskets--a whole packer this last time--in my MES 30 Gen 1 but haven't done it in the Weber yet. I also have begun to prefer smoking briskets unwrapped, but it's still in the experimentation stage. But why put it in a 300° oven? Why not just increase the amount of charcoal or raise the burner heat in a grill since you'd be grilling it wrapped in foil anyway? These aren't rhetorical questions, I'd really like to read your answers since I'm always into experimenting with new techniques. My personal bias is to not finish anything in the oven unless I've smoked poultry in my MES and want to crisp up the skin.

    Lastly, a friend of mine advised that after I'm done smoking a brisket--and I agree about the 200° IT finish temp--to wrap it in foil and place it in a cooler, with towels wrapped around the foil or on top of it. The brisket will stay hot for hours that way and I think it serves to further distribute the smoky flavors as it rests.

    I was just talking to someone last night who said he's never smoked a brisket flat because he heard horror stories about it. I told him to not fear the brisket, it's easier than he thought. Basically all there is to smoking or grilling a brisket is applying a dry rub (it can be as simple as salt and pepper) and then it's just a matter of heat and time. You really don't have to do much unless you choose to foil it or finish it in an oven as your described. Once you get the IT over 200°F, it's done.
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    This way of cooking gets you tender brisket with nice flavor of wood. You can't use more charcoal because it gets to hot. The foil rap needs to take place after 2 hours. This is to aid in speedy cooking and keep it moist. This will be done in nearly half the time as a smoker brisket. It's meant to get it on the table but not have to mess with wood and temps for 12 hours on a grill.
    It's not about the bark or smoke ring. Just good smokey tasting beef with your rub flavor.

    2 hours grill indirect with smoke.. foil, sealed up in oven the rest 300. Should be about 6 hours.👍
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    Thanks, Rings. Well then, guess what. I have at least two more brisket flats in my freeze. I'm going to give your method a try. Besides, any reason I have to break out my 22.5" Weber OTS is a reason to bring out the Weber, if you know what I mean. My favorite way to cook is with a charcoal grill. Next comes my smoker. 

    Is there any easy way to pin post or something so I can easily find it anytime? I plan to refer back to yours in this thread. 
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