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Discussion in 'Links to Free Recipes' started by dutch, Mar 8, 2006.

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    This one is kind of like consumer reports for foodies. They don't advertise and they may make 100 cheese cakes to come up with the best recipe. Some of the stuff is free, some you have to join for. I love this one
    Pie Iron and dutch oven recipes
    What's cooking America
    And for anyone who is addicted to hot and spicy foods and chiles
    PA Dutch cooking
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    and lets not forget epicurious.com
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    100 cheesecakes! I want that job! [​IMG]
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    Stumbled onto this site today.

    Here's a sample recipe especially for you folks that like some heat in what you eat. [​IMG]

    IBT Wings!! (It Burns Twice)

    2 pounds wings; dry
    8 fluid ounces Grey Poupon honey Dijon
    8 fluid ounces honey
    4 habanero peppers
    4 jalapeno pepper
    6 fluid ounces Tabasco sauce
    1/2 cup garlic flavored bread crumbs
    4 teaspoons butter
    cayenne; to taste
    white pepper; to taste
    black pepper; to taste
    red pepper; to taste
    1 tablespoon garlic; crushed

    First mince up the peppers. I like to lightly sauté them first in little olive oil. Then add the butter, honey, mustard, and hot sauce. Once it starts to loosen up a bit add your four crushed peppers. Don't get skimpy here!! If you like garlic--add the tbs. of minced garlic. Bring it all to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer for a little while. When your wings are cooked get a Tupperware bowl and put enough sauce in it to cover wings. Put the top on and shake!!
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    Extensive site with all sorts of recipes (most of which are user rated).
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    All kinds of sections of recipes from appetizers to eggs, cakes, beans, pizza, budget, pickled...
    Nice pictures of each recipe as well.

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