Old fridge smoker

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Original poster
Jan 11, 2017
I'm making my first fridge smoker. Dumb question, what is the best way to seal the door?
No it don't. It was kinda rotten so I tore it all out. The inner door skin out and on the fridge side the transition from inner to outer "box" is open. Kinda lost on what to do. Don't have a lot of $ for supplies but do have quite a bit of "misc" around
AFAIK any door seal or weatherstrip will do for the door, the heat shouldn't be that high to affect it.

What kind of "misc" do you have?

Share some pics of the problem for a better understanding
As is with everything, over do it for safety.  I'm looking at lavalock (bbqgaskets.com) for mine.  Easy, self stick etc.  You can also find high temp silicone and rope gaskets at places like mcmaster-carr that can be had at reasonable prices.
Thanks guys I guess I got what I'm looking for and I was just a second opinion. I do have a couple door gaskets for a wood stove but I thought that might be Overkill and I do have that stick foam door seal 480 store but thought it might get a little hot but I'm only going to be cold smoking. I will get her thank you
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