Old Country BBQ Pits at Academy

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I use to drive an Old Country "Pecos" and I can testify that they need work when you get them home.
For the money you are considering spending, I would search Craigslist for a used higher quality smoker.
Here in Austin, $1000 will buy a used $2000 smoker.
I think this is a great suggestion. I have seen plenty of cases where $1k will buy something that originally was double or triple that in cost. Lots of Facebook groups for used smokers and Craigslist is an option as well.
OP, I see you're in Illinois and don't know how much freight or distance plays into your price range but you might look at Bell Fabrication Smokers in Oklahoma. I've never seen any bad news about them and their prices are great.
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Noticed academy by me has 1 gf smoker. Unfortunately, it's missing the briquette rack and top 2 meat racks cannot be removed as the hinges do not allow sufficient door movement for them to slide out. Is this normal? I suspect it may be why this one hasn't sold . Like what I've read about the OCP gf, but I'm not a welder.


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