Oklahoma Onion (Smash) Burgers on Homemade Butter Buns @ the Firehouse

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Apr 27, 2017
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I've been wanting to make these for about 2 weeks ever since I found that golden butter bun recipe. Well tonight was the night! Got the dough for the buns made last night in the bread machine, then formed the buns on pans; covered with greased cling wrap and overnight in the fridge. Pulled those out around 3pm today to warm up and start rising.

We used 2# of 50/50 venison/beef and 2# 50/50 venison/pork for the smash burgers. I pulled out the deli slicer and shaved the onions for the burgers. Also sliced 1/2 a head of cabbage I had leftover from the Lo Mien....made a coleslaw to go with the burgers.

I arrived at the station around 4:30pm and popped the buns in the oven. Meanwhile I mixed the meats and weighed out 3oz. balls. Then brought everything over to the Safety Center next door and got everything lined up for assembly on the Blackstone.

The butter buns fresh out of the oven...


The 3oz. meatballs ready to go...

On the Blackstone, about ready to pull them off...

That was the first round, we did two rounds on the griddle. All the burgers were doubles. Meatball, little salt, big pile of shaved onions, smash, cook.... then flip. Add cheese, then bun top on the cheese with the heel on top.

The plate...


*pickle optional....
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Looks tasty as hell Keith. I love smash burgers that way. Nice work bud

Whoa! Those look incredible! The firehouse crew ate good last night! Very nicely done!


Wow Keith. Amazing burger!

Man you had me with the buns. Then the finished product was mouthwatering.


Those are some good looking burgers Keith. Nicely done

Point for sure

And here I thought hell was undesirable. :emoji_wink::emoji_sunglasses:

Nice burgers Keith!
Thanks Fellas!
Just the way I like 'em . Those are perfect in my opinion . Really nice burger .
Just the way I like 'em . Those are perfect in my opinion . Really nice burger .
Thanks chop! That was my first time making the Oklahoma Onion burger,,,,but it most certainly will not be my last!! Perfect is a great way to describe them! Even with no condiments they were on point!
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