OK, So Maybe I have a Problem (1 Pic)

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Apr 14, 2013
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Somebody recently posted a thread something to the effect of "when do you know you have a problem". At the time I didn't think I had a serious problem but maybe a small one. Several months ago I sold my big Santa Maria grill for a couple of reasons. First was that I just didn't use it a lot. It was far bigger than we needed and a bit cumbersome to get going for a cook. Second reason was that the patio was overcrowded with cookers. Once that one was gone I spread things out and had much more space to work with for the cookers that were left. Next thing I know I have a welder and am buying steel a thousand pounds at a time. VOILA!! The patio is getting full again so maybe I really do have a problem.

From left to right: 22" Blackstone griddle, 42" built-in Lynx Professional gasser, 54" custom T-Pit, Weber Performer Deluxe, Rec Tec RT-700 Bull, and my homemade battle tank I finished up last week. It is currently in operation.

I'm Robert and I'm a cookaholic....

Hmmmm, only problem I see is Patio is shrinking!!

Still no problem, just add onto it. It may be a problem if he has to call in a survey crew if the patio gets so big that it encroaches on the property lines, but till then, carry on.
Looks good to me, except you need to add a little Santa Maria grill not having one of those is a problem!
The problem I see is that you built to small of a patio. Double or triple the size and you shouldn't have a problem again for a year or two :emoji_laughing:
I see nothing, hear nothing...BTW I am sending truck to pick up what you no longer want...lol Agree a bigger patio will solve all your issues....at least in the short term
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