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May 5, 2007
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the great wife i have gave me a king kooker model 3116 cajun cooker(propane deep fryer-40 qt up to 18 lbturkey) but she also knows i need a second (if thats even sane) brinkman smok-n-pit for festivals(until i get my real trailer pit done). question is... do i get the 2nd pit? cause i love having the cookpot too but i don't see doing 5 gals of pintos or a fish fry( our state record bass is smaller than the bait i use in the gulf), or a 10 gal gumbo cook anytime soon... ok i'm looking for another smoke-n-pit design for the same $$$ but heavier gauge firebox.. what should i do- i just need opinions. and i looked- does anyone have better prices than wallyworld,lowe's,or home depot ??? p.s. i looked @ verticals but it has to have wheels for transpo.
Well, I'd be lost without my fryer, I use it ALOT. However, that doesn't seem to be the norm in your case, so if I were you, I'd get the new pit... You need that more than the fryer IMO.
I just looked at the two pits at wally world yesterday, the brink smoke-n-pit, and the charbroil all american smoker. I remember looking at the charbroil silver smoker at homedepot before, I settled on my chargriller smoking pro. The brink, and char-broil's had much thinner metal, and just felt flimsey when I opened and closed them, the char-griller seems much heavier gauge. Also, my chargriller has cast iron cooking grates, will they last forever? Maybe. The Char-broils had porcelain coated grates, I'm not really a fan of those, but I'm sure other are. Mods for the chargriller were easy, and cheap.

Chargriller makes a bigger one than the pro, it's the Outlaw...I think. It had about another 8" in length of the smoke chamber, you get an extra cast iron grate to fill the gap (5 total). I couldn't find it anywhere, so I got the smoking pro. Then of couse, a new store opened a few days later, and they had the outlaw (figures w/ my luck). It's called sportsmans warehouse here in Lexington. It uses the same SFB as the smaller smoking pro I have. Chargriller with SFB was @ $150 at Lowes, and Homedepot, the outlaw was $180-$200 if memory serves.
I also have the CG like yours... good luck trying to find the Outlaw... I think they've discontinued it. When I was first looking into smokers a few years ago, I could not find the Outlaw anywhere local, so I settled for the Smokin' Pro. Now the Outlaw isn't even available on Char-Griller's website... the picture is there, but when you click for ordering info, it says "not available" or something like that...
i looked @ the chargriller next size down from the smokin pro and decided to stick w/ the brink for the size & cause i'm used to it plus it was $139.00 with the firebox. lowe's wanted $130ish plus $59.00 more for the firebox....
thanx for the input guys. maybe next year we'll be looking @ a lang or an old country trailer pit. i personally want this beast.
so true. i may go back & get it in a couple weeks. i decided w/ all the turkey i've seenaround lately & to do my giant pots of pooter shooter pintos it'll really be handy.
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