Not 1, not 2, but 3 J&R manufacturing smokers for sale.

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May 9, 2014
I have 3 J&R manufacturing smokers up for sale. These are all wood smokers and are the best in the business for restaurants or putting on a trailer for catering or festivals. These are for the serious BBQ cooks. They consistently produce great BBQ every single time. We use J&R’s in our restaurant and we’ve been voted best BBQ in NJ 6 years in a row at

J&R’s rarely come on the market for resale so this a unique opportunity for someone in the market for a superior smoker for your business. Im willing to negotiate for anyone that wants to bundle 2 or 3 together. If you own a BBQ business don’t miss this chance to get the best smoker on the market.

1)2020 J&R Little Red Smokehouse. ($24,000)

Small but mighty! It’s 3 ft x 3ft so it’s perfect for a smaller kitchen or small trailer. I’ve Cooked (15) 15lb packer briskets in it with great results everyday. Only 2 years so it’s still a baby but it’s seasoned and ready to go.

2) 2013 J&R Oyler 700 E ($26,000 and $23,000)

The 2 Oyler 700E were used for 6 months in a failed franchise restaurant and then stored in a warehouse where they got their beauty sleep waiting to be fired up and make some great Que. The manufacturer installed them and then took them out and put them in the warehouse so I know they were only in use for 6 months. They are very clean. One of the Olyers needs some parts but if you know J&R’s then you know there aren’t any problems that aren’t an easy fix.

I know the pics of the oylers suck but I will go to the warehouse and get better ones for serious buyers.


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Good luck. I can't think of any smoker, no matter the size, and couldn't build myself for well under 20 grand. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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