No such thing as wasted meat

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Feb 2, 2014
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As many know I love to do skirt/flank steak. The other night I did my usual smoke and reverse sear of a skirt and it came out tough...the cut really wasn't a very good one.

So into the chili pot it went.The wife makes a good basic chili,all the usual ingredients onion,peppers,beans and the basic spices,one of these days I'm going to get her to write it down.The end result was some nice chili with some smoky meat,crab salad sandwiches,grilled shrimp and some sweet and silver queen corn on the side.


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Glad you were able to save the meat and get a tasty meal out of it.
In the 70's I used to grill skirt steak at least once a month but in the late 80's got too tough to chew, and that trend continues to this day.
Once a year I get a craving for tender skirt steak slices and try yet another tenderizer brand/magic potion but I'm convinced they package shoe leather instead of skirt as all of my attempts have failed, and I HAVE tried most of not all methods of preparing and cooking them.
Rumor is that the restaurants get the good stuff (don't remember if it's from the outside of inside or the skirt) and the other stuff is sold to chumps like me who keep trying to get something edible out of the expenditure of time and money.
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For the most part our local Aldis has had great skirt steak,its the only place I've been buying it.This time around it was quite tough.
That chili looks great . Was just thinking about making a pot today myself .
Good use of the skirt steak too .
Nice save!
The Mrs. made a pot of her chili a few days ago and said she wished we had thawed more ground chuck.
There was a good sized chunk of leftover pot roast in the fridge and (with her permission of coarse) I pulled it apart and added to the pot.
We were a little surprised how good it was.
I used a skirt steak from Aldi a few weeks ago for a stir fry and thought it was a little too "chewy".
Their sirloin is pretty good, though, so I'll probably use that in the future.
My grandma (grew up in the depression of the 30’s) always told me, about everything, “Boy, you have to get all the good from it” waste no more than necessary. Nice looking chili. As a side, I have discovered sirloin flap steak. I like it much better than skirt. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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