Newbie to smoking, UDS burn out

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Original poster
Dec 15, 2016
Ok guys, sorry for all the questions but not only am I new to UDS building, I am TOTALLY new to smoking in general.

So....I did my barrel burn out yesterday for about 2 hours. All the paint burned off nicely inside and out including the lid EXCEPT the bottom 4-5 inches of the outside of the barrel. That paint is still there (its blue) but that is the only place it didnt burn it all off. 

Now my important is it to get that bottom outside 5" burned/sanded off? Does that affect the cooking at all or is it just for looks? If it doesnt affect cooking, I would just leave it cause it don't bother me for a UDS to be ugly. Buuuuut if it is bad for the meat somehow, I will for sure burn it again and sand that all off.

As always, thanks for any/all advice fellas!

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