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Newbie from TN


Joined Dec 3, 2013
I am new to smoking. Done it once. My buddy here at work does it a lot. I want to get the MES but I also want to "Smoke" rather than put it in the MES and come back hours later. What should I do?? Love this site already.


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Joined Nov 15, 2013

Welcome to the site. It really comes down to your preference and how much "work" you want to put into it. I have a Brinkmann offset and as I am learning, it takes awhile to learn how to regulate your heat and keep it consistent. I cannot leave my smoker unattended too long without having to worry about the temperature dipping but I love it so to me its no big deal. I am constantly adding more charcoal to my charcoal starter or throwing more wood into the offset. I believe from what I have read, the MES has no issues capturing a nice smoky flavor. So for what it's worth, my limited experience lends me to believe that it's all about how much time you want to be involved in watching the fire/ temp. I'm sure some of the others will chime in as well. I would 100% advise you to get the Maverick ET-732 if you plan on buying an offset. It allows you to go up to 100 feet away and watch both the internal temp of the meat as well as the internal grill temp. I find myself smoking something new every weekend but it does take away from just sitting on the couch with a beer. . lol.


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Joined Dec 3, 2013
Honestly, I will probably get one of each. Wife is getting me the MES and I will look for the other myself.


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Joined Jun 4, 2011
I agree with Dawg. Well said. I have an UDS. Love the taste and having to monitor the progress of the cook. The more you smoke the more you will learn what you like and the many more questions you will have. This is a fantastic resource to have.


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Hello,G8rtnt .      
      Welcome to the forum, and we hope you will call this "Home" for all your BBQ needs
 . . .no need to search any further , nuff said there

Now, as to your Smoker(s). I am , till now a dedicated Wood Burner. Here's a bit of what that's like . . .http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/a/stickburning101

and the MES , I'm seriously thinking of an MES 40 myself
 and use it as a Winter unit and my other toys(see my profile Q-view ) for the summer. I could use the MES  for cold smoking anytime.IMHO ,  you'll enjoy them all and use them more often than you would think.

Please stop by your "profile" and fill in your location. It helps in lots of ways and some of us are nosey

Have a great time and as always .  .  .

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