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    About to start my smoking adventures!  Got a CharGrill duo for father's days and just got the firebox attachment.  Ready to season and start smoking this weekend.  Bought and poured through Jeff's book and ecourse.  Nothing left to do but get started and learn as I go.

    Jeremy Hammond
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    Make sure you get some rope gasket and seal everything up good or you will have nothing but worry and frustration. Those things leak something fierce making it very hard to control temps. I have the regular CharGriller so I should know.
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    Thanks for the advice.  Sealed up the grill portion and that seemed to do the trick.  Any tips on how to seal the firebox?  While I was able to control the temps pretty well (I also got some fireplace bricks and put them in the bottom of the grill), it kinds of hurts to see smoke coming out of the firebox and being lost.

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    Use the same black rope gasket around your firebox. Pretty much everywhere you have a seam. Doors, joint between CC and FB, etc.

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