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Feb 8, 2006
Hello everyone, obviously im new in the smoking world. I love to cook and almost went to a culinary school, but lifes responsibilities and obligations somewhat nixed that thought.
I live in Kansas where meat is plentiful and FRESH. I just got a Brinkmann pitmaster deluxe for christmas and cant wait to get this baby rolling. I just got back from a meat sale and spent about $600 on meat. It was all half price so actually $300 was spent.

Once a year a store will have a big meat sale like this and since I have a big freezer and a vaccum packer, I take advantage of this.
Im looking forward to learning a lot about smoking in this forum.

The meat that was purchased was KC strips, pork loin, spare ribs, pork chop (boneless 1 and a half inch thick) ground turkey meat, hamburger meat, and bacon. Any good smoking tips for starters will be appreciated.
Hey Rock glad you could make it, We also buy meat in bulk,one or two beefs at a time,a pig and harvest lots of wild game.I would be interested in knowing price per pound there the way you buy it.When its all done in the freezer we have bout $2.75 per pound in beef and bout $1.10 in the pork.The deer is the cost of a huntin license and a bullet.Theres lots to learn here,just pop a top and enjoy,David
Hi There rockiestring!

Welcome aboard! :)

Take some time and lurk the threads to see what we have to offer!

You are starting right off with a very nice smoker and here are links to start you off with an easy smoke. The first link is to Crazyhorse's smoked meat loaf and also my own Smoky mountain meat loaf and a third link to Bear's Beer butt chicken!

These items will keep you busy with some excellent chow! :lol:

Go Here:

and here:

and here for Bear's Chicken:

I think that will keep you busy reading for a bit! If you have any questions just fire away! Someone will pick up the ball and toss it back to you!


ranger72 :)
Greetings Rockie,
Welcome to the forum. There's lots of great information and many great resourses (members) to help. Don't overlook Tulsa Jeff's beginner's smoking course at the top of the forum. Good Smoking!!
Hi rockiestring, I too want to welcome you to Smoking Meats (after all I am the "Official Welcome Dude :mrgreen: ). As you have noticed there is a lot of good info here to learn from. Feel free to post your questions and we'll be glad to help you along. We all had to learn this stuff- some of it with help from others and some of it by trial and error. You and others that are learning this art can benefit from our years of experience. :P is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.