New to wet smoking - pork roast help please

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smoked alaskan, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. Hey Ya'll,

    I recently stumbled on this forum and liked what I been readin.

    I've done lots of dry smoking for jerkey and salmon with a homebuilt electric smoker  here's pics...I hear ya'll like pics...

    but recently graduated to a propane smoker ( upright ) with a water pan.  I'm preparing to smoke a 2 lb boneless pork roast marinated in bbq sauce for pulled pork sandwiches using hickory chunk/chips. My smoker runs a little hotter than I'm used to. Coolest I've gotten it to run is about 220*.  Any advice on procedure, temps, foil after some smoking or not?  etc. greatly appreciated.
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    Quick learner ; you'll do good here . . .

    Welcome , Smoked Alaskan [​IMG]  . Where are you [​IMG]  We are nosey , but helps . . .

    Glad you goined us and hope you stay as a member of the Clan.

    Be sure to show us everything and include 'narration' [​IMG]

    Have fun and note my 'Matra" below . . .
  3. Thanks for the reply Texan :)

    I'm in S.E. Missouri, long way from home ha. Gonna try the roast tonight. Gotta get a meat thermometer first.  Guess I'm just gonna wing it and follow my instincts. Figure an hour or so of smoke then slow roast for as long as it takes at the lowest temp I can get my smoker too. It's cool out today so maybe I can get it down to 200*. Will post pics if it turns out edible ha.

    Oh... here's a pic of the finished fish. If only it wasn't a couple years ago....
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    Smoked Alaskan Welcome to SMF you will be fine at 220, for pulled I would smoke it at around 250. The therm is definitely

    needed. Cook it til you get to200* IT. 
  5. Thanks Tropics, greetings and well met. Thanks for the sacrifice of your service back in the day. Greatly appreciated.

    Picked up a digital probe today, couldn't afford the wireless with remote yet but guess that gives me something to look forward to
  6. Hey Dave, thanks for the greet.

    Nice Vette! Alaways wanted one.  '63 Mako would be nice....
  7. Ok as promised here's a few pics of the pork roast smoking experiment. Big thanks to all of ya for your input and special thanks to Scott for the tip on using Sunny D in the water pan [​IMG]

    Pulled pork and teriyaki tenderloin roasts. Why cook one when ya can do two ? [​IMG]

    average smoker temp was about 200*. Pulled it out at 175* IT then wrapped in foil and let is set for 45 minutes ( couldn't wait any longer! )

    Dinner is served. Garlic toasted onion bun, homemade onion rings and a cold Sammy. Nuttin' better !!!

    Tonight will be the teriyaki loin with fried Alaskan halibut.  Thanks again to all for the warm welcome ! [​IMG]
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    Looks good nice job on doing the 2

  9. Looks like you know what you're doing alright! Did you find using Sunny D in the water pan made a difference? 

  10. I have no idea if it made a difference, never smoked anything other than jerky and salmon.  Never "wet smoked" before.  That being said, it IS delicious.   [​IMG]

    Wish technology would let us share smells and flavor over internet.  Half the fun is sharing....
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    That looks delicious !
  12. Nice job. That looks good....and those onion rings mmmmmmm


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