new to this and getting ready help.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by coyote, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. coyote

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    I have read in several areas about fire.but need some help understanding what to do.

    I have a landmann wood smoker fire box on the side then the cooking/ smokin area.
    the fire box can hold pieces of wood 16" long. So, I light the wood and keep adding to it as the temp goes down? or do I start out with charcoal, and set the wood on top of it and add more charcoal as the coal burn down and keep adding pieces of wood to the hot coals?

    I bought this smoker and have been making what I think are improvements to it ever since and have not used it as yet. thak you...
  2. richtee

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  3. coyote

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    The link was a great help..thanks
  4. deadeye126

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    i used lump and soaked hickory over night for brisket and is great i will never use charcoal briquets ever again hope this helps ray
  5. master_dman

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    Nobodys perfect... I will admit I just put a pile of briquets in the firebox.. hose it down with some fluid and fire it up. When it has a good ash to it, I rake 'em around and throw the meat in the smoker.

    I then use preburned apple to feed the fire from there on out.

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