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Original poster
Jul 26, 2006
North Carolina
Hi everyone,
I'm new and need an intro. I live in central NC, and I love barbecue (or I wouldn't be here). I've been toying with meat and heat for about 25 years, but seriously pursuing the smoking art about 10 years. I have a Brinkmann charcoal Smoke n Grill and a newer Char Broil electric water smoker.
I use sand instead of water, and I use lump charcoal and hickory (a little mesquite) for good smoke flavor.
Smoked ribs are my favorite, but I do lotsa other stuff, too.
I look forward to looking around the forum and chewing the fat from time to time. :D
Welcome Piggy... Sounds like you bring a full setting to the table. When you get a chance, could you explain the "sand" piece to me a little? How it's set up, how it works/differs and how/if it affects your flavors. Sounds inrtiguing. We all may also be treated (if we're lucky?) to a good Carolina Mustard Sauce recipe!! Welcome...
Hi Piggy,

Welcome to our little corner of the web. I'm sure that you will enjoy the comraderie here. There're a great bunch of guys & gals here with all levels of experience and helpful advice, so sit back and enjoy, and feel free to join in any time the mood srtikes you...

Piggy, Welcome to SMF. Nice to have another veteran smoker on board to help teach the art to the next generation.
welcome piggy!!!!

nice to finaly have you here, we have been waiting.

nice websites by the way. i want me a web site on my smoking knowledge, but then again why make a web site for just two sentences?
Piggy, nevermind about the sand question. I just read your reply to the "lava rock" question, and now understand what the sand is for.
Silly me, wondering if it imparts flavor and what you use it for :oops: ...
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