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Aug 27, 2023
Hello All,
First Post here, I'm located in Beirut Lebanon, been smoking meat since 2-3 years on a royal Gourmet offset smoker and just upgraded to an Oklahoma Joe's long horn smoker.
Unfortunately choices for smokers and accessories are limited here and prices are nearly double online prices (shipping is a killer so no not an option) yet very happy with the Long horn from first sight.
I have modified the Royal Gourmet adding plates to be able to bbk on charcoal in the smoking pit and modified the fire box door to add a fitting for a thermoworks Billows which worked fine. Main limitation was size when I have a larger number of people visiting as well as the small smoker size and thin metal leading to lack of control and need to fiddle with fore every few min throughout a cook.
Mostly smoke briskets and ribs and admit results with royal gourmet were better than expected with only one dry brisket from a dozen cooked so far .
Will be modifying the longhorn as well as I'm not liking the initial experience, that will be another thread in the forum.

Happy to be here to share experience and learn from all here .
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Welcome from Mississippi, USA. Bring on the cooks and pics. Especially pics of the home land. Love looking at places I may never be able to see.

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welcome from S Florida. this is good place. I've got a highland reverse flow and have discovered I'm too lazy to tend offset fires. There are tons of mods to make Joe offsets more manageable. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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