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Discussion in 'Beef' started by lmag, Sep 21, 2017.

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    I am smoking my first brisket today (8 lbs). I followed the directions on my WSM and the temperature on the built in thermometer read 225. I was shocked that my meat already reached 150 degrees after 2 hours! I then realized that the temperature on the built in thermometer was reading at least 10 degrees under what the temperature actually was! I tried lowering the temperature (tips on how to regulate the temp would be greatly appreciated) and was able to do so and now after 5 1/2 hours of cooking it's reading 196 degrees. The recipe also called to wrap the brisket in foil at 150 degrees, so I did, but that was confusing since the recipe also called to spray apple juice on it every 2 hours. I just put the apple juice on before wrapping it in the foil. Do you think this is going to come out ok or should I run to the store for a back up option?
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    ok a few things... first regulating temps on a WSM is done with the dampers at the bottom ...close two about halfway and keep the top wide open then check your temp in 20 minutes and you should be able to come down on temps. I usually run mine on a hot smoke at around 250-260 (about 130 on a cold smoke) close your dampers more if you want to run cooler open more if you want to run hotter. you need to have one open though. working with those takes practice.

    As far as the meat... if you are at 196 IT probe the meat and if you can push in with little to no resistance then you are done if not wrap and check it in 30 minutes. repeat. Once done wrap and let rest. lots of people wrap in towels and rest in a cooler for a couple of hours...i wrap in foil and rest on the counter. to each their own.

    as far as spraying the meat..this is totally unnecessary. brisket is a large fatty cut of cow it gets moisture from the fat that renders into the meat it doesn't need spray or added liquid. some like to add some liquid when they wrap to braise the meat and speed up the cook which is fine i have done this but if you cook that meat long enough you will have very juicy meat from the fat and it taste really good!

    Happy Smoking,

    phatbac (Aaron)
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    Thank you!
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    Aaron has given you some pretty sound advice. I usually cook in the 250-260 range. When I initially fire it up I have all vents top and bottom open. As I near my target temp I'll throttle down two of the bottom vents and adjust with just the remaining bottom vent. Remember to always keep the bottom vent that's open the most away from direct wind, and until you really know and feel comfortable with your smoker keep the top vent wide open. I also only use about quarter chimney full of lit coals when starting. For me it's easier to raise the temp then lower it. 

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    Bet he done ett all that there brisket up. 🍺
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    Reminds me.. I'm taking a point out of the freezer tonight. 7 pounds to make burnt ends out of.. 😎

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