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Jul 3, 2005
Ripley WV
Hey there,finally received my new slicer after burning the old one up.I have three deer hams in the freezer waiting to be processed into jerky.I want to get started today but I have a whole hog coming tomorrow to deal with.Guess Ill have to wait a few days for the jerky.


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Congratulations on the new toy, uhhh, tool! Yeah, that's it, tool! Looks like a nice unit, Dave. Let us know how it works for you! Maybe later you can spec it out for us.
I've eyed those for a few years now, Wife says she has nowhere in "Her" kitchen to stash it! Funny how it becomes "MY" kitchen when I've got 75 Lbs. of meat off the Smoker to cut up by hand!!!! :D

It's the same way with kids Jeff. When they are good, their hers. When they are bad they belong to you.

Here's an idea for you-My friend has a slicer like the one Dac posted photos of. He took an old plastic tackle box and removed the shelves from it. His slicer fits inside of the tackle box just like the box was made for it. When it's not needed, it sits in the box in the garage on the shelf with all the other "tool" boxes.
SoFla,my wife doesnt have room for my gadgets either. My workshop doubles for my meat endevers in the fall and winter.It is nice to go out there to work ang get away for a while.Its my workshop/meat kitchen/hideaway/place to hang out with friends.
Gawd, the single life does have its benefits!
(After paying off the other life!)
Sure Cheech made plenty.I killed a eight point buck Monday and am ready for another year of jerky making.I bought me a real slicer this year,Ill get some pics of it up soon.Its the twelve inch 1/3 H,P, one in the Cabelas master catolouge. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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