New MES40 model #20070311 failing

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm a new member from Southern California.  Just bought a MES 40 model #20070311 for making Thanksgiving dinner.  The MES with the round edged control panel on the top back, I believe its a Gen 1.

    I've used it two times and each time, the smoker would randomly shuts down whenever adjustment on the control is made, such as changing the time setting, temperature setting, or when checking probe temperature.  This happens when using both the control panel and using the RF remote control.  When this happens, all the settings are reset to default setting of zero minutes and 100 degree F.

    Sent email to Masterbuilt and they suggested I cut the cord and email them the picture and they'll send me a unit that may or may not be the same model that I have, depending on what's in stock.  Since, I didn't want to take a chance on getting a 2nd gen MES, I'm hoping someone in here has come across a simple solution to the problem.

    Any suggestion?
  2. Have a mes 40 not sure which edition but the digital controls are on the top in the front as well as a bright led light. Mine too shuts off when the timer runs out and won't run unless I set the timer. However the timer goes to 24 hrs so just set it for forever to make sure it doesn't shut off before the meat is actually cooked. For lower cold smoking temperatures I bought the side smoke box which is great and found that it's best to use it while hot smoking too it generates smoke no matter what the temperature of the main box is while the main box won't generate smoke below 120. When you say the smoker shuts down do you mean the power shuts off? or it stops generating smoke? or that it stops heating? When adjusting the temp be sure to press the set button again once you input the new desired temp....
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    I'm sorry, this is a duplicate post.  I originally created this thread, but it disappeared after I created it.  I wonder if this thread can be merged to:

    Chef Lynso,

    It shuts off (both LEDs go off) whenever I do anything related to the controller such as checking probe temperature, changing time on timer, etc.  This happens on the top controller and also on the remote control.  Masterbuilt customer support think its a wiring problem.
  4. Sounds like it. I hope you can get it resolved or replaced by the company. If not keep it as a cold smoking chamber. Lol 😋! Good luck friend happy smoking
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    All you need to do is insist on getting another MES 40 Gen 1 smoker. They might have some in stock with the rectangular as opposed to the rounded controllers. Except for the controller design they'd be the same smoker. I've got the MES 30 Gen 1 with the rectangular controller and it's been working great for over 3 years.

    Just be politely but firmly insistent that they either send you exactly what you bought or a model with the older controller design. Tell them you won't accept a Gen 2 model. I advise you to do this over the phone and not by email. I bet you get what you want but be sure to get the name of the CSR you talked to and write down the date and time you talked and what was said, just in case you need it for later.
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