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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by parrot-head, Nov 7, 2014.

  1. daricksta

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    I imagine when you were in kindergarten and after nap you tried to put your left shoe on first the teacher beat your left foot with a ruler. I started school in the 1950s and my mom tells me that I complained to her when the teacher tried to make me write right-handed. She ordered the school to stop (her school successfully turned her into a right hand writer although she was left handed). So, I proudly wear the left hander's tattoo (permanently ink smudge on the side of my left hand) to show my victory over the system!

    As for the shoes thing, I'm actually ambidextrous when it comes to using hand tools so that's why I mix and match the order I put my shoes on. But typically it's left shoe first.
  2. mab007

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    SAM'S MES 40 $329!!!!  

    Sam's Club Gaithersburg - Marlyand

    Woohoo!!!!  I just got it, got it home it will be set up and seasoned and then I'm Smokin!

    Got the square trade 3 year for $29 as well.

    4 rack

    glass front

    1200 watt


    with legs and wheels.  photos and impressions later.  Thanks to all the good folks who guided me - DaRicksta, Bear, and others ALL who suggested in your posts that the 40 was the way to go.
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  3. bearcarver

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    Now you're in business!!

    Here's some things you can do with it:

    Just click on "Bear's Step by Steps".

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  4. Congrats on the new Toy

  5. mummel

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    Great price, well done.
  6. Just picked up one at Sam's for $ 329.00. You can order it online from Sam's for $ 299.00.
  7. mummel

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    But you guys are talking about the Gen 2 model no?  Im LF 2.5,
  8. daricksta

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    This thread is so long I've forgotten exactly what you're looking for and I'm too lazy to click on the previous pages.

    But here you go, Mummel, to be released 6-30-2015. You can preorder now.

  9. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    What am I missing??

    I see no difference between this Gen 2.5 & the one that came out in Dec, 2014.

  10. mummel

    mummel Master of the Pit

    The current Sams Club one has the exhaust on the side.  The new one arriving in 6-9 weeks will have the damper on top.

  11. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    The one in this pic is a Gen #2.

    The Gen #2.5 that came out in December has all the same things as the one coming out in June, including the top vent being on the top, back, left corner.

    I still don't see a difference between the December #2.5 and the announced June #2.5.

    Maybe they mean the one coming in June is new to Sams Club???

  12. mummel

    mummel Master of the Pit

    The pic was pulled from the Sams Club website
  13. The new one I just bought at Sam's is labeled on the box as Masterbuilt 40" BLUETOOTH DIGITAL ELECTRIC SMOKER.  I'm not familiar with the Gen. 2.

    Five String

  14. wichita chief

    wichita chief Fire Starter

      I've been following MES threads for a little bit and doing some reading of past threads. My 'ol lady has expressed interest in getting one as she is too intimidated to use my OK Joes offset wood smoker. Mind you I'm just getting better at using it myself. I know I know. The whole wood vs. electric debate. Yada yada yada. I realize the virtues of a MES.  I see virtue in having both. Maybe once we would get a MES I'd have no interest in the offset. I  could see that if we are doing just a few things I'd (or we'd) use the MES. If we are doing half a freezer of things we'd use the offset. I like trying different things and to an extent smoking is smoking so the cooking principles apply to both. I'm not trying to hijack here. I'm just long winded like that. I guess I could have just said I use a wood smoker and have interest in trying a MES. What fun is that? But I have been off work from back surgery and I have been on different forums I follow a bit more. This also means I won't be buying one until I know when I can get back to work. (the whole paying bills first thing) Which I think will be after my doc appt this week. I stay pretty busy in the summer with work and mowing the Mon in laws place, another property, and my place. I don't have a lot of Saturdays I can be free to smoke like I'd like. I prefer not to do it on Sunday in case the smoke takes long. Hence the overnight ability to use a MES at a constant temp unattended (for the most part) is what really intrigues me.

      Now where I was really going......I have read the gen vs. gen 2 threads enough to know the gen 1 SS 40" would be my choice. Looking at Bears comments about the changes he sees incorporated into the 2.5 has me at least considering the 2.5. Bluetooth is not a biggie for me. Good performance and minimal problems are.  I'd wait until a little bit more cook time has been reported back from the early purchasers before I pull that trigger. Yet I don't see the 2.5 listed on Sams, or Cabellas like some have said. I see it on Bass Pro ($429 says in stock) and Amazon ($392 {normally $499} says ships June 30th). By June 30th the price might change. Hell it's not even showing up on Masterbuilt. I have seen the Masterbuilt video they put out I just don't see it on their products page. No big issue. Just weird. I have been leaning towards getting the gen 1 I mentioned at Academy sports locally for $299. (no 2.5 shown) They are opening up a store on my side of town at the end of the month and I might be able to catch some "store opening" sales or coupons to lower it a bit. That's why my interest in the 2.5 grown a little bit more urgent. A lot if "if's". If I can get back to work this week. If they sweeten the deals in store. I just might have to skip the extra $130-$?? I'd spend on the "new and improved" version and pull the trigger. No Bass Pro here. Cabellas though. Amazon ships free. Come on tax money!!

       Any 2.5 owners think the performance of the unit is worth $130 & up over the gen1? Thanks for reading a long winded question!!
  15. wichita chief

    wichita chief Fire Starter

    Five String. I don't see it anywhere on Sams site. I haven't been to the store yet.
  16. The new one I just bought at Sam's is labeled on the box as Masterbuilt 40" BLUETOOTH DIGITAL ELECTRIC SMOKER.  I'm not familiar with the Gen. 2. Has the vent at top left.

    Five String

  17. I got this one at the store. Sam's is advertising one online for $ 299.00, but I can't guarantee that is the new Bluetooth model.

    Five String
  18. wichita chief

    wichita chief Fire Starter

    $329 for the one you bought Five?
  19. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    OK---Now that you have a Bluetooth model that isn't waiting until June to come out, tell me where the top Vent is. It should be on the top, in the back left corner.

  20. the store it's $ 329.00 cash & carry.

    Five String

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