New member, mes 30 set and mod question

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bob nicholas

Original poster
Mar 21, 2014
Hello to all. New member.

I purchased a mes 30, built a cart for it, and have done a mailbox mod on a whim. Having troubles keeping the smoke going using my Amaze n smoker with pellets. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated. I think perhaps I will need to enlarged the exhaust hole to help improve draft. Any other ideas? Thanks!

I dont see any holes in the door?

You need intake vents to get it to draft.
Good call. I will try that now. Thanks!

Also, apparently my ipad connect is lagging because it appears I created 3 threads, any idea how to delete the others? Thanks!
There is a thread on here about the mailbox mod.

Check it out before drilling a bunch of holes. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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