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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by mad dart, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. mad dart

    mad dart Smoke Blower

    I got the Thermometer holes drilled. The thermometers will be encased in round exhaust tubing I had laying around.

    The plenum area on the CC is cut out and the material is marked and ready to cut up and make the plenum. I will be making 2 door stops out of the round stock I got. They will mount right behind the hinges centered. After the stops are on I will get the cook racks made up.

    The CC door handle is cut and the brackets are marked out for cutting as well. I don't think I am going to remove any of the Tanks bungs, I kinda like the look of them and this way you will be able to tell what it was before its evolution. I will weld and seal them up from the inside. At least that is the plan for now. 

    The CC door did spring a bit. It is spung the same all the way across. I will fix it with the methods I researched on this site after all of the fabrication is done. 

    As I figured work has me busy tomorrow and after that I have to drive to go see one of my daughters at college. Last minute life changes as usual. 
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  2. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

  3. Getting Close !

  4. mad dart

    mad dart Smoke Blower

    Well, my client put it off until tomorrow morning at 8am so I got to put a few hours in on the Smoker before I had to head out to see our daughter. 

    I didn't get as far along as I would have liked but some progress is better than none. The CC Door stop is up next, cook racks and then the handle. After that I will start on the FB. 

    I set the bottom of the Plenum 3/4" off the top of the bottom cook grate, the top is 3/4 off the top of the grate as well. 

  5. mad dart

    mad dart Smoke Blower

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  6. Not familiar with that one myself, Losts of people on here just use High Temp RTV 

  7. mad dart

    mad dart Smoke Blower

    Ok I will look into it. Is the one most use the automotive grade ? It is usually red. I'm a weirdo but on color matching. I hope they have black.
  8. They Have black, I think I bought mine off Amazon 

  9. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    I use high temp stuff on my pellet stove. The only high temp stuff I have ever seen is Ultra Copper...good to 700*
    But I have used regular black Permatex on an area where I measured 500* with an infrared thermometer
  10. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    Louis, sure you have mentioned this but I am too damn lazy to look....what gauge did you use for the curved back piece of the plenum?
  11. Here is what I got


    • [​IMG]

    Click to open expanded view

    Permatex 82180 Ultra Black Maximum Oil Resistance RTV Silicone Gasket Maker, 3.35 oz. Tube, 2 Pack

  12. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    Same stuff, just black, as what I use. Pretty sure NAPA doesn't carry the black stuff.
  13. lendecatural

    lendecatural Smoking Fanatic

    Hey Ink,

    How much copper is in that stuff? Copper will make steel rust in a hurry if it doesn't stay suspended in the silicone. I had some problems on my boat where the guy I bought it from used copper fittings against regular steel pipe fittings. Copper is a very noble metal in the galvanic scale. It may be OK on smokers since there is always smoke and grease on them.
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  14. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    Packaging doesn't make any mention of it. This is the only silicone I use anymore for the most part. My buddy at NAPA will probably have the answer to this, he just likes to know this sort of stuff....
  15. mad dart

    mad dart Smoke Blower

    The bottom is 1/8" material. The rest of the Plenum is 3/16. I had to heat it up just a bit with a propane torch as I let it have it with a BFH. 

    You could use thicker material, you would just need to heat it up more is all. 
  16. mad dart

    mad dart Smoke Blower

    I found the RTV Black at Autozone in a 13oz Caulking gun version. I will have better luck getting a nice even bead using a caulking gun. Good to 500*

  17. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    Guess the black isn't the same as the Ultra Copper....the UC is good up to 700*
  18. mad dart

    mad dart Smoke Blower

    Yeah... I am a color werido.... The black should be good for the CC door seal @ 500*.

    The FB door may be a different story though. 
  19. I was only talking about the CC door
  20. mad dart

    mad dart Smoke Blower

    Yes I figured that is what you meant. [​IMG]

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