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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by tmsmke15, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. tmsmke15

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    Hi all, I'm in Milwaukee, WI and new to this. My wife got Mr a smoker for Christmas and I have yet to use it. I was looking to try it this weekend and was looking for a place to find simple starter recipe and tips. I have a Master built electric smoker.
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    Welcome from SC. I know you will enjoy this great site. Milwaukee is a very nice city. I really like your Zoo.

    An easy thing to start with is chicken. Spatchcock (butterfly) the bird, sprinkle the inside with salt and pepper. Turn the bird bone side down and rub some soft butter under the breast and thigh skin. Then rub the outside with soft butter, sprinkle with salt and pepper and add a light sprinkle of Webers Kickin' Chicken.

    Get your smoker to 300* or as close as you can (the hotter, the better). Put the chicken on the grate, bone side down and cook with some apple chunks to an IT of 165* in the breast and 175* in the thigh. When your bird is close to done, put it skin side down as hot as you can get and crisp the skin.

    This is a really goos way to cook chicken and turkey. Good Luck, Joe :grilling_smilie:
  3. tmsmke15

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    Thanks Joe I will try it. What kind of wood chips work best and do I put the apples in the bird? I can assume the time varies by the size.
  4. joe black

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    No apples....Apple wood chunks. Or, I guess with your cooker being electric, it would be apple wood chips. Cook time is usually a rule of thumb. With the exception of pork ribs, I cook everything by IT, not by time. (IT is internal temp) There are a lot of abbreviations here.

    There is a 5 part E-course available here that is a great jump start. Also, Jeff (the guru of this site) has a book, "SmokingMeat" that is very good. A rub and sauce recipe are available and are very user friendly. The proceeds from the sale of the recipes goes toward the maintenance of the site.
  5. tmsmke15

    tmsmke15 Newbie

    Thank you

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