New guy from MS

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David in MS

Original poster
Feb 4, 2022
Summit, MS
Hello everyone I am new to the forum and I am very happy to find a good resource when it comes to smoking knowledge. I have some oak questions, is white oak good for smoking? I use it for my wood stove and it heats the house very good but should I try to smoke with it? I have a big green egg that I love and only use hardwood charcoal and bagged apple or cherry chunks. I would hate to do trial and error with the price of meat going crazy. I will have a lot of questions about a cinder block smoke house build in the future and would appreciate any help.

Thanks, David
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Welcome from Southaven,MS. Glad you joined up with us. look forward to your posts and pics (we like pics).
Welcome from Utah. You have come to the right place. Great people here to help and advance your skills. I can’t hep with the wood question as I use a pellet grill.
Thank you for the warm welcome, I am working nights and that gives me time to do a bit of reading when things slow down. We have lots of wood in Mississippi from the last hurricane that will just sit and rot. It does not get very cold in Southwest Mississippi very few people are interested in collecting and stacking cords of wood. I have a tractor with a grapple loader on the front and a splitter on the back so it takes a lot of the work out of tree clean up. I mainly use the white oak for my wood stove but some years it's warm all winter. Time to repurpose the abundance of storm wood for smoking. I don't collect wood in the summer, it gets very hot and humid and we have big rattle snakes in Mississippi.
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Could a outdoor kitchen build be added to the forum page? I have been cooking on the car port slab and would love to have a outdoor kitchen area. Its hard to find info on the internet because it is so spread out. Pinterest has nice pictures of kitchens but no one to talk about pros and cons. I was looking to see if anyone had taken a glass door cooler that did not work cut a hole in the bottom and top and build a cold smoker. The type they had in stores for say snapple tea or even a SS under counter wine cooler that no longer worked, would this be a good idea? Every now and again I find interesting builds Fornobravo has a great outdoor Pompeii DIY pizza oven section but none with a added smoker. Material cost is another factor, I will be looking for fire brick if I take on a pizza/brick oven what is a good price for fire bricks? I have a bunch of left over cinder blocks and some heavy wall steel casing for a offset fire box. There must be a couple of hundred cumulative years of cooking/smoking knowledge here, what would be on wish list?


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After doing some digging I found a wealth of information it was under Smoking Supplies and Equipment > Smoker Builds > Brick Smokers all I can say is WOW
SMF is #1 this puts me off to a good start. Looking forward to doing more reading, there needs to be more links online to SMF I guess I have been looking in all the wrong places. :emoji_astonished:
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Saw that snake pic and all I could think is "Aw He11 naw!" Yeah the search feature here on SMF will pull ya down a rabbit hole of info. Helps keep me sane here at work most days!
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I saw that snake pic and am hoping to see pics of it coming out of the smoker!

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