NEW GOSM first time fire-up check list

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Original poster
Aug 7, 2006
New Bedford ma
Okay-- here's my check list:
1. got the 2'x3' drip pan from auto zone (for future smokes)
2. using a 7 3/4" a bakers secret pan for half hicory and half mesquite chunks.(It just sits in there under the water pan) IT needs to be 5 1/4" x 5 1/4") any ideas here?
3.spraying all inner sides of box with mazola corn oil.
4.Checked all my thermoms and all okay(didnt check the door one) will compare it with my remote(snaked thru top vent and suspended in middle.
5.Plan on burning on high until it starts to smoke and then will turn it down to 220 if i can.
6. Have fire extinguisher on stand by.( I'm alittle nervous)

I recieved the big block from amazon and it was all messed up door would't close etc etc(dents and dings) sent it back right away and went to wally world and got the small one in "pristine shape". saved $90 bucks but it seems to be okay physically. i think the big block would have been okay if it had more skelital support inside. With the thinner metal after 24" or so its easy to buckle without the internal support. The small one does not appear to have this problem.(or I'm just lucky)

So what y'all think? Shall I give it a go??....roli
Just a note, fellow smokers. When I ordered my GOSM I ordered through Home Depot. The GOSM arrived via commom carrier, on the tailgate of an 18 wheeler, and strapped carefully to a pallet.

There was not a scratch, nick or dent on the big block. And the package was not too heavey for one strong person to lower to the ground. Hats off to Home Depot Shipping!

PS Shipping was free for Fathers' Day!
Okay here where I'm at so far.
Started at 2.55pm on high with 3/4 full water pan vent on top open all the way. 3of each wood chunks (mesquite and hickory) soaked for an hour b-fore putting in bakers secret pan.
Reached 400 at 3:25pm.put it on medium
3:33pm BLUE SMOKE.
3:40PM Put it on low.
3:47pm temp is b-tween 220 and 230
4:36pm stillgot blue smoke hangin at 230
Does everything appear to be okay so far? roli
Looking good, Roli. One thing, though. A smoker full of meat will change the temprature dynamic. THe temps will move up and down far more slowly and you will find that you will more than likely keep your temp control at about half full or a bit less when you have a bunch of meat in the box. Otherwise.... all systems go!
Your burn in can be as short as an hour or as long as the beer holds out! Your choice!
One more question (for now)...
I've been cruising this board quite alot lately but I can't remember seeing this question delt with.
When do i put the stuff im gonna smoke in the unit? when its cold and I fire it up or when it gets to the temp I want and is smoking?
Roli, bring her up to temp and start the smoke before you place your food in. This is in my opinion. Some folks will place food as long as temp is there and smoke will soon follow. Your call!

I agree with srmonty. Bring the smoker up and then put the food in after it starts smoking. The food will spend more time in the smoke.

Good luck.

Best regards,

Thank you for all your help will be posting soon as I continue with my new hobby.(wife wont let me get a boat. Gotta do somethin ha-ha....roli
Weeeelll, Roli. If you stink up the neighborhood and the fire department is summoned several times and the neighbors complain then maybe your wife will reconsider the boat! Be careful what you ask for! I am divorced and have a boat and smoke all I want! :mrgreen:
Nice thread y'all. The only thing I haven't seen brought up is...PICTURES. Roli, are we gonna get to meet your smoker, and it's first smoke..?

I didn't hear any explosions today.. so I guess ya did OK...I use a Big Block myself...and I agree with the practice of getting it up to temp, and smoking , then put in your meat...the temp will drop a little..but shouldn't take long to recover...
Good luck with it..they work very well..

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