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Aug 6, 2007
Hey everyone, I'm new to the smokin' world and did a little bit of research around here before picking up my new smoker.

I picked up the Char-Griller Pro w/SFB. I plan on doing the mods suggested and start seasoning her in this upcomming weekend.

I'm just learning as far as smoking go, but I've actually had good success smoking with my Weber kettle grill to do things like chicken breasts which only take an hour tops. I decided I needed to cost-effectively move up in the smoking world, and I was able to get a real nice deal on my setup @ Lowes.

I look forward to some awesome food!!
Welcome aboard!!! My mom and dad have a little place "down the shore" in Cape May Court House. Grew up on the water down there...There is a plethera of knowledge here, sign up for Jeff's 5 Day Course for a kick start..
Welcome aboard SMF! Ask away if you have any questions at all, be sure to sign up for the 5-day ecourse. Ton's of great info here and plenty of awesome folks waiting to help out.

Glad to have ya!
thanks everyone...I actually did sign up for the eCourse...I'm so anxiously waiting my first e-mail I can hardly even work...just sitting here at my desk dreaming of ribs and brisket...
Welcome from Alabama, I was born and raised in Neptune New Jersey, still have two brothers there in Wall and Howell, not to far from you.
You need to also check out Deejay Debi's site

Also if you click on forums in the upper left hand corner you will get all topics and not just the active threads
Howdy and welcome to the great site of the SMF. Once you get your smoker seasoned, you'll be open to a whole world of things to try. Good Luck and sign-up for Jeff's 5 day ecourse.
Welcome welcome from NY. You'll love SMF, a great site with friendly and helpful people.
Hello from he other side of the bridge, nice to have ya in the fourm. Maybe one day if the wind is blowing right I'll be able to smell that brisket and ribs.
Welcome Wht -

You've come to the right place to start your Q-ventures! There's alot of folks with that smoker here to so they can guide you with first hand experiances! Enjoy!
Welcome to the mighty SMF! Feel free to ask what you don't know and share what you do! I also have the CharGriller like yours, if you have questions on your mods, just ask!

Hey, I spent a week in Jersey one night...
Actually, I lived there for twenty years and finally bailed...
Hi wht93gted!...Welcome to the SMF!...
...We're glad to have you aboard!!...

Sorry it took so long to welcome you, but I've been offline due to ISP/computer problems since July 2...

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