New Build -Trailer mounted reverse flow smoker

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by bbq engineer, May 16, 2009.

  1. bman62526

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    Fantastice! your great grand kids will enjoy that smoker, not to mention ho much fun YOU will have with it!

    Yes, I did mention something about the ash dump on my Bell Fab really helps me maintain temps well!
  2. bbrock

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    Looks Damn good I must say!! I can not wait to see the out come..Thanks for taking the time to pocst the pics..
  3. MAN this just keeps getting better and better! !! !

    Your a work horse and I know you'll get it done by the 4th dead line!!

    Good Work and thanks for the reply on the where abouts of the previous smokers builds.. I wait with baited breath for the checkered flag and more PHOTOS!!!

  4. dewberry

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    have you got any more pics for us?
  5. bbq engineer

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    WOW...what a whirlwind the past couple of weeks have been. I will update with pics in the next couple of days, but for those of you that are following this, here's what happened:

    I worked my self to exhaustion, and made it barely in the nick of time. On Thursday evening, we went to put it on the trailer, and the neighbor's tractor wouldn't lift it on it's own. We gave a hydraulic assist with a floor jack and a rock bar. Finally got it onto a borrowed trailer and didn't kill anyone. I started a rather large fire and ran the thermos past 550 (where I took them out to prevent damage) and burned it out but good!

    The next afternoon (Friday the 3rd) I got some shelves in it about 8:00 PM and lit a fire to season it. Sprayed it down with Pam, and tried to control the temp. It was a beautiful color and nicely seasoned the next morning at 3:45 AM when I was starting a fire in the rain to begin smoking ~200 lbs of meat for our 4th of July blowout. Kept the temps steady and produced some great 'Que. I have A LOT of pics to sort through, and will try and post some this weekend. It is, however, Mrs. Engineer's birthday week (yes, I did say week), and since I have been so commited to the smoker recently, her fun meter is running pretty low. More (hopefully) this're gonna love it!
  6. gotoleep

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    Can't wait. But how dare you have anything else to do but provide us with your build details .... like have fun with friends and provide your wife with a good birthday week. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    We look forward to pics when you can.
  7. dirtman775

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    WOW absolutely awesome build[​IMG]good luck!
  8. pineywoods

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    WOW is all I can say I can't wait to see the rest of the pics, what an awesome build [​IMG]
  9. morkdach

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    yea we are ready to see all the pics. when ya have time. i know how much work you put in this ya goota be tired.[​IMG][​IMG]
  10. bigbaldbbq

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    I am excited to see the smoker in action. Tell Mrs. BBQ happy birhtday!
  11. bbq engineer

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    Hi Everyone,

    I made my 4th of July Deadline for having the smoker ready to smoke, but I paid a heavy price in terms of being absolutely exhausted...All week long! I haven't even thought about the smoker this week, other than to look at the cost of trailer parts versus buying a trailer on craig's list.

    Here are the photos as I went along. As I got really busy, I have noticed that my photos kind of trailed off, however.

    Here I am laying out the firebox door, and putting together a slide for the air intake.

    Here is the inside of the door with framing inserted and some strong back frames to prevent corner to corner warping. This door was super heavy duty with both skins and all the framing.

    Insulated where it counts!

    I bagged the All thread for my hinge rod, and went with a straight 5/8 inch rod (the all thread had a slight bit too much clearance when inserted into the pipe. This straight rod wouldn't go into the pipe I had selected, but a rat tail file to take out the small seam in the pipe did the trick. These were some awesome hinges!! They are so tight, that I haven't even secured the rod, but it just stays there. I can remove it with a hammer if I need to.

    Here are the components of the door seal. I used 3/4" rope gasket which fits really nice in the 1" X 1/2" channel. Lay down a good bead of adhesive, and press the gasket into it. Put on the doors and let it set. The first fire it will fully cure to a brick hard set. It makes a great seal.

    The Chimney - I made the chimney removeable by framing an outlet in the top and then a receiver inside the cabinet. It drops right into the top, and seats inside perfectly. It is completely secure, and doesn't move around at all. I didn't take any photos of this point, but I did this so I can get the smoker back inside my shop if I need to (and I will while I finish up the construction after my first smoke and then paint this baby!).

    Here it is outside of my shop, standing tall and ready to be put on a trailer. Before we did that, I cracked it open and pressure washed the heck out of it.

    Here are my neighbors helping me move this thing. The tractor had a 1250 lb limit on the scoop, and it wouldn't raise it by itself. It would raise it up if we helped it, and then start to slowly lower. I have a great bunch of beer drinking, story telling, BBQ eating neighbors that will help when it is needed. Not shown...the tractor driver!

    Helping lift the thing the last few inches with a floor jack.

    At one point, the gator that we were using got lifted off the ground in the back, as the smoker tilted the trailer. Here it is in position and a fire to burn the thing out.

    When it got really hot, I opened it up and sprayed it down with the garden hose. It was unbelievable how much it hissed and popped. Check out the cool BBQ scar on my leg from my earlier ER Trip.

    It looked like a locomotive with all of the steam coming out of it!

    The next day I put shelves in it, and started a fire to season it. Sprayed everything down with PAM...repeatedly, and made my first attempt to control the temp. I mean, after all, I'm smoking for real in only 5 hours, I might as well learn how to control this thing! Here is the rib rack full-O-Spares!

    Here are some Butts, Briskets, and more ribs along with my favorite rib skirt from the membrane side. Later I threw on 30 lbs of chicken legs and 15 more of sausage.

    I had my vertical in the game too...just in case this one got away from me, I would still have something to serve! Here they are oozing some TBS...not bad for my first attempt with this one!

    That is where my pics of the smoke then I was busy cutting things up and shredding butts for the party. I will say that it was fantastic, and Mrs. Engineer (who could easily be a vegetarian) absolutely loved the brisket. She ate more of it this time than she has ever eaten before, having some for leftover for 3 consecutive nights! That to me says success!

    We have a fantastic neighborhood blowout every year, and here are some more pics of our party.

    Trailer of fireworks ready for deployment! In the background, lots of people enjoying my 'Que from my new rig!

    No party is complete without a "Wall of Fireworks"! Here is 64,000 firecrackers ready to make some noise. I will tell you that this is awesome!

    Wall of fireworks closeup...

    Truck of fireworks getting staged...

    Hey...there is more in the garage...and I swear, these aren't duplicates!

    Wait...there's more in the garage!

    And on the hill...Kids don't try this at home!

    The smoker worked great, and the 4th was fantastic too. Now I have to get a trailer under this and get it prettied up a bit. I am really happy with the performance of it, as a small fire dampered way down was all it took.

    More later.
  12. OK that did it I blew my LOAD!!!
    now THAT IS A GREAT 4th display!
    NOW give the mrs. a week of your undivided!
    My hats off to you again!!!
    [​IMG] AWESOME [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]:p oints:[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  13. pineywoods

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    That is some amazing work great job [​IMG] The fireworks and party look pretty sweet too. Have a great week and tell the Mrs to have a Happy Birthday. I'll look forward to the rest of the final pics as you get them done in time
  14. bman62526

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    Personally, this thread is one of my all time favorites now. Super-fantastic job! Craftsmanship and good food AND blowing $h!t up?!?! [​IMG]
  15. rickw

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    Very nice build. Can't wait to see some paint on it.
  16. the iceman

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    I think the crowd likes it...


    Nice work! [​IMG]
  17. morkdach

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    what a way to spend a 4th just a super job all the way around.[​IMG]
  18. fatback

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    BBQEngineer is my hero!
  19. pinkmeat

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    YOu are a pyro my friend. How do you like the smoker? Is it hard to keep temps DOWN being that insulated?
  20. WOW!!! That is awesome. I dream to have a smoker like that. Can wait to see the finished product.

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